30 January 2010

Week 17

Letter of the week was "Q" for quilt.

Beautiful quilts.

Learning how to hopscotch.

Gross motor skills.

Go Gracie!

Making snack people with pb and craisins.

Cutting out cookie shapes.

Making peanut butter cookies in school?

Science lesson: Watching them bake.

Silly kids.

Q-tip art.


Playing musical chairs.

Feel and find the quarter.

Here it is!

Dance Party!

We've just completed week 17 of school. The letter for the week was "Q" so we learned about quilts, quarters, Q-tips, and Queens in New York (geography). I am so encouraged by the kids' progress. Looking back on all the school pictures so far, it's so fun to see everything that they've learned and experienced. I am so thankful for our co-op and the opportunity for me to ease into homeschooling. I only say me because the kids don't know any different.

Our children's pastor at church, Pastor H spoke for us this week at M2M and he was such an encouragement to me, especially when it came to homeschooling. He challenged us to think that we are actually all "homeschooling moms." He and his wife have 3 children that they homeschool. Pastor H comes from a teaching background in the public school system and one of the reasons why they chose to homeschool is because each of their children has a different learning style. If not identified and cultivated, the child may get lost in a class full of 30. They realized that as much as teachers wanted to, they could not possibly spend the time needed for each child in a big classroom setting. This of course could lead to poor academic performance, behavioral issues, or lack of self-confidence. He also discussed the different learning styles of children. The three common ones are...

- Visual- Need to see it.
- Auditory- Need to hear it.
- Kinesthetic/Manipulative- Need to be moving and doing something.

When we are able to discover the learning style that best suits our child, it is then that we can better teach them in ways that they will absorb the most. He also encouraged us to use creative and practical ways to teach, based on the child's interests (i.e. music, drawing, or physical activity). Thinking about my own childhood learning experiences, there were some subjects that I definitely would have enjoyed better, had I learned in a different style. From my short time teaching thus far, I know that auditory learning, especially at this young age, is not always the most efficient. I'm so thankful for our preschool curriculum and the fact that it allows our kids to move about, see, touch, and experience, along the way. It's neat to see each of the kids forming their own learning style and as teachers and moms, it's so crucial for us to know these things about our children. I feel like I can have more a bit more compassion, patience, acceptance, and encouragement towards the individuality of our kids in the years to come- a priceless lesson, in my opinion! It's been another week where I got schooled. :)

Grace blessed me again this week by saying, "Mommy, when I grow up, I'm gonna teach my kids school, too."

Colossians 3:20



*Teagan & Grace*

"Children, obey your parents in everything for this pleases the Lord. "

-Colossians 3:20

27 January 2010

Lowly Gentleness

Last week, I had a rough start to the beginning of the week. When Morgan goes out of town on business, I naturally begin to feel a bit more stressed with the kids.
It also didn't help that it rained all week and we were pretty much house bound. It never rains here in the desert! I'm sorry to say that I was developing a pattern that I didn't like in me. On top of being a single parent on those days when Morgan was gone, I was also getting more and more agitated because of the additional responsibilities and commitments that I had. Throw in an afternoon where one child decides that they aren't napping that day and I begin to wonder if I have any patience left at all! It was a rocky couple of days and by mid-week, I became so frustrated with the person I was turning into. Let's just say, it wasn't pretty.

Forward now to Thursday. Thank God for new mercies every day! I am still thanking the Lord for revealing something to me that changed my attitude and my heart. One of the things he brought to my attention was this fact... I AM NOT A GOOD MULTI-TASKER. There, I said it. The funny part is that all this time, I thought I was. I'm not talking about things like folding laundry, talking on the phone, and cooking dinner at the same time. I'm referring more specifically to the fact that I cannot possibly give my children what they need and be who I want to be for them when I have other obligations, commitments, and yes, even things that I want to do for myself (i.e. work-out or call a girlfriend). In fact, it was because of this busyness and selfishness that I was creating a pattern of being exactly the opposite of what I wanted to be for my family. I was definitely not acting in a lowly or gentle manner. I often found myself being short, acting like I was put-out in some way, yelling, and becoming even more stressed in the process.
Being a stay-at-home mom, I am busier than I've ever been in my whole life. Yes, it's true. All of the busyness may be a good kind of busy but when it comes down to it, it was making me and my family suffer. And you know what they say, "When mommy ain't happy, ain't no one happy."

It may sound kind of silly or even harsh but I cannot thank God enough for showing me that my children are never an inconvenience. They are a precious gift, entrusted to me and my husband. Aside from all the other ministry work out there, my #1 ministry is that of motherhood. Prior to last week, I had already decided that I was stepping down from serving so much next year and although I will finish out my commitments with dedication, I am sincerely grateful that God has opened my eyes to the greatest and most rewarding ministry, right under my own roof.

The result- the last 6 days in my home have been so wonderful and filled with so much peace and love. It's amazing how quickly children can feed off of our good (and bad) energy.

Lord, thank you for opening my eyes. I am so grateful to be working on this issue today, and not years from now. Help me to develop new habits of lowly gentleness and by serving my family, may it bring glory and honor to You. Lord, you know my desire and intention to raise my children for You. Thank you for guiding me, speaking truth into my life, and encouraging me to do just that. Forgive me for my selfishness and let me find rest, joy, contentment, and purpose in You alone.

Lastly, I stumbled across this blog and thought it was another great reminder of the kind of mom and wife that God wants me to be. Below is just a part of the post. I encourage you to click on the link when you have time and read the rest.

The gentle and quiet spirit described in 1 Peter is something that God puts a high value on. It is a spirit that is at peace, is resting in God, is calm.

What causes a woman to lose her gentle spirit?

Many things can interfere with gentleness. But if a woman is not gentle, she may be (and probably is) frazzled, harried, anxious, distracted, bitter, or nagging. A gentle wife is like a tame animal, easily approached, not jumpy or skittish, like an animal in the wild. When her husband comes to her, he is easily received with affection and finds nourishment and comfort. Her children also can be expect to be received with gladness. But if the family has to walk on eggs around mom, she most likely does not have the gentleness described here. If she is unpredictable, touchy, easily irritated, accusative, or fussy, she does not have a gentle spirit. Lowliness and gentleness go together, so the way to gentleness is to be humble. Jesus is lowly in heart and we find rest for our souls in Him. Husbands and children should be able to find rest for their souls in (in a limited way of course) in wife/mom.

And the only way for wives/mothers to be this kind of resource is to be filled themselves with the gentleness of Christ.

-Nancy Wilson @ femina

25 January 2010

Love notes

Every Monday morning, Morgan leaves at the crack of dawn to make the long drive into his Pasadena office. Almost always, he leaves each of us girls a love note. He's always been good at that. I remember when we were dating,
I would find these thoughtful little notes where I least expected. I am so grateful for my sweet husband. God knew exactly what He was doing when he chose him for me. Morgan puts up with all my neurotic ideas and self-revelations. He actually listens to me. He's patient and not quick to point out wrongs. He gives me the benefit of the doubt and he waits for me to figure things out on my own. He always encourages me and makes me feel like he's proud of me. He never says, "I told you so." He is an amazing father to our girls and I learn so much by watching him play and interact with them. He can play dollies with the best of them. He spends an extra 10-15, sometimes 20 minutes a night telling the the girls a bedtime story that he has made up.
The girls cherish his stories and that special time they have, just with daddy. He may not be perfect but he is the perfect husband and dad for me and our girls. Gracie said it best this morning after reading her note. With a big smile and contentment on her face she said, "He's the best dad."
Yes, he is... and we love him to pieces.

"P" is for pizza

Faith trying to decide if she should just eat her ham.

Grace is all giggles.

Teagan piles it on.

Vivien samples the toppings.

Vivien, Trey and Grace playing train while waiting for the potty.

Shannon taught school last week and I was able to get these photos from her blog. One of the highlights for the girls was being able to make their own pizzas. They had so much fun. Our letter of the week was P so they also got to eat popcorn for a snack. Shannon wrapped up the pizzas and we took them home to bake and enjoy for lunch. I love the fact that homeschooling allows us to do lots of different activities with our kids. This also gave me the idea to host a cooking class for our preschoolers in lieu of our next field trip.
I found that most places that offer cooking classes for kids have a minimum age requirement of 5. Faith and Grace love to help me in the kitchen and many times during the week, they make their own lunch. It's wonderful! They also bless me throughout the week by saying, "Mom, you're the best cooker. I'm gonna cook for my family when I grow up, too." Such sweet little things.

24 January 2010

Date Night Concert

Date night...

...with friends.


Last night was such a treat! We had a date night with our friends, Hailey and Derek. We started the evening by having dinner at a new restaurant followed by the Harry Connick Jr. concert. The company was grand and the concert was fantastic! Harry and the orchestra were amazing. Frank Sinatra's wife was sitting in the front row and Harry told one funny story after another about meeting Mr. Sinatra for the first time. I just love the throw-back sound of jazz. It transports me to another mood and time. I also love how Harry puts his signature contemporary twist on the classics. Even our hubbies enjoyed it!
The concert reminded me of the cool jazz halls I've visited in New Orleans.
What a fun evening. Thanks, friends!

And thank you to Grandma and Aunt Mary for watching the girls. They had so much fun playing with their paper dolls!


This past week, my dear friend, Ann came to visit from Los Angeles. I met Ann while attending our previous church, Calvary Chapel in Pacific Palisades before we moved here to the desert. She is so very dear to me for many reasons. Ann was serving as the overall facilitator for Calvary's Oasis Women's Bible Study when we met and it was there that she allowed me my first opportunity to be a table leader. It was also there that I publicly shared my testimony for the first time. Through her example and friendship, she helped me develop a love for God's word, Beth Moore bible studies, and the incredible power of prayer. She has encouraged my walk with the Lord in more ways than she probably knows. She has prayed alongside me and interceded for me through some of my most challenging circumstances and she has shared in the joy of watching some of God's greatest blessings on my life. Even though we don't see each other or talk very often, she has always held such a special place in my heart. I was thrilled when she agreed to come speak for us at Mom2Mom. I have to say that this was actually one of those "full-circle moments" for me. Three years ago, when I first came to Mom2Mom,
I sat in a room full of other new moms and I didn't know a soul. As I sat there on my first day, I remember thinking that Ann would be a wonderful guest speaker for this mom's ministry. Little did I know that the very next session,
I would be asked to serve on the Leadership Team as a table leader and two years later, I would be serving as the Speaker Coordinator. God of course, knew all this was going to happen and in His Perfect timing, He worked out every detail- including getting her here safely on Wednesday morning through the torrential rain storm we were having. She gave an incredible and inspiring testimony titled, "Waiting Eagerly on God." It was amazing to hear her share about her life over the last 30 years. She had a powerful message on NEVER GIVING UP and today, she has been blessed with more than she could have ever imagined with her marriage and her 3 grown children. It was so GREAT to see her and to be graced by her presence again. I know that her story left many of the women feeling inspired, encouraged and strengthened. She is one of those people for me that even though we don't see each other often,
I feel very comfortable and right at ease with her- just like an old friend should be. I am typically the type of person who has many acquaintances and just a few close friends. Her visit reminded me that God created friends for all types of seasons to help us along life's journey. They encourage us when we need it the most. They see the good in us, even when they know we are broken. They are ready and willing to say a kind word and pray for our hurts as well as our desires. Thank you, Ann for traveling all this way to bless me, my family, and so many others this week. May God bless you for your courage and your faithfulness and may you continue to be a light for God's glory!

"Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget." -Anonymous

21 January 2010

Girls Night Out




Awww... pretty girls.

Last night, I went out on a long overdue girls night out. I invited some of my girlfriends to have their make up done (for free!) at Bare Escentuals Boutique on El Paseo. Afterwards, we had a yummy dinner at Sammy's. It was a fun night of chatting, trying on new make up and colors, and just getting a break from our normal routines. We have to do it again, girls.

Thanks for coming out in the rain! We missed you, Hai!

20 January 2010

Much ado about birthdays

Is it possible that in just two shorts months, my sweet little girls are turning 4?? I can hardly believe it. Weren't they just 11 months old when we brought them home from Korea? It's amazing to think how fast time has passed. I'm the type of person who doesn't like to procrastinate on much so I've already started to think about their birthday festivities. I know, I know, early planning can be both helpful and annoying at the same time. Anyway, in the last couple of weeks or so, I've had a wide range of thoughts regarding birthdays.

I have to say that I originally planned to have a small, weekday, home school party for the girls. I envisioned having just a few of their close friends (and their moms/my girlfriends) over for lunch and cake. Easy-peasy, right? Well, guess what? Things have changed. After talking it out with Morgan, we are happily throwing our girls a "big" party. When I say "big" party, I'm talking about a weekend party with friends and family. The kind that actually takes some pre-planning. The kind where I end up cleaning my whole house beforehand. We've done the big party for the last 3 years and I guess in my own way, I almost decided that this year, another one was not necessary. I'll be honest, most of my reasons had nothing to do with the girls, it had more to do with my own issues. Issues like laziness and the stress of preparing all the details. I know it sounds silly but I even thought, "What would people think if I threw my kids a "big" party every year?" I'm thankful that after I shared what I was feeling with Morgan, I was quickly able to see that this was not about me and my random, self-inflicted hang-ups. It was about my girls turning 4! Something that only happens once in their life, I might add! All this led me to ask myself, "What do I really wanted to teach my children about birthdays anyway?"
Here's what it came down to...

I am passionate about teaching my children the joy in giving and serving.
I want them to learn an attitude of gratitude in the very small as well as the big things in life. Aside from my own hang-ups about throwing a party, I guess I was a little leery of setting high birthday expectations for my children. This is what I came to understand and hope for... after all the years have come and gone, I hope and pray that our kids will remember the joy they felt on their birthday, that special moment in time that was just for them, long after the novelty of the party or special present has passed. Instead of teaching my kids any type of entitlement or expectation, I pray that with each birthday party (however big or small), I will be teaching them the joy of celebrating life. What a beautiful thing for a mother to teach her children. I decided that that's the kind of mom I wanted to be. I want to teach my kids that life is to be valued, appreciated, honored, and yes, celebrated! This doesn't mean that every year we're going to have a budget for a big party. It just means that every year, their birthday will be celebrated with BIG love, joy, and gratitude.

Ok, another confession... before kids, I liked to entertain but another hesitation of throwing a big party was the fact that it often means lots of food and preparations. In other words, lots of time and energy. Neither Morgan or I wanted to be stuck in the kitchen or on the grill outside. We wanted to be fully present and enjoy the moment with our growing kids. Because of that, we have decided to fore go some previous plans and use that money towards catering food for the party instead. We've also decided to limit the number of kids to just a few of their close friends. At this age, 5 kids at your party is just as much fun as 10 kids. I love the fact that I was able to work it out and have a brand new attitude when it comes to birthdays. Like all new moms, I guess I just had to figure out what I wanted birthdays to look like for my kids going forward.

On a side note, the other night, the girls wanted to see some pictures on our blog (as they often do) and we ended up clicking on their homecoming video. As we watched it together, I couldn't help but well-up inside with so many emotions of how we first came to be a family. It became so clear and evident to me. It was as if God was saying, "Don't forget, there is much to celebrate." Yes, there certainly is. Have I mentioned how happy and excited I am about throwing a birthday party for our girls?

God is so good. I can't believe Faith and Grace are about to turn 4!!

15 January 2010

Drop In and Decorate

Mommy's helpers.

Having fun.

Ready to bake our cute little shapes.

9 kids around the table!

Grace says, "Uh-oh."

Beautiful creations!

... and there's more!

This morning we got together with our homeschool group and some of our other friends for a fun service project called, Drop In and Decorate. The kids got to be creative and messy by decorating lots and lots of sugar cookies. Shannon organized the project and she'll be delivering the cookies to our local CV Rescue Mission. What kid doesn't like to cook, bake, or create beautiful crafts- that you can eat?! Yesterday, as we were baking the cookies, Faith said, "Mom, I love to bake with you. It's one of my favorite things to do."
Well, it looks like I'll have to start embracing my inner pastry chef!

I absolutely love the fact that our kids are learning to serve others at such an early age. Thanks to Shannon for organizing and hosting such a great project!

To learn more about Drop In and Decorate, visit drop in and decorate.

14 January 2010


I've been thinking a lot about it lately. Seems to me that pride is at the root of most broken relationships. If left unchecked, arrogant, self-sufficient pride can lead to dire, even eternal consequences. If you really think about it, it's a heart issue. Why are we so full of pride? I believe it comes down to a fundamental attempt to fill a hole left by a lack of self-worth.
Self-worth is different from pride.
Self-worth is knowing who we are in Christ. It is the comfortable knowledge that we have each been given special talents and gifts by God. These talents are to be used to please God and help others. Self-worth recognizes the fact that these unique talents are valuable, without the need for making them seem better than anyone else's talent. And why do we so often feel the need to make ourselves feel better than others, anyway? At the core, I believe it is our basic desire to be loved. It is almost as if the proud spirit is crying out desperately for someone to notice us. Proud spirits don't know or can't seem to accept the fact that they are indeed special, but not better than anyone else. Think about it? The very nature of pride says, "I don't need you." This not only drives others away but it drives God away, leaving the proud alone and lonely. Often times, becoming more prideful. They are not only physically alone but also spiritually lonely.

There are many spiritual consequences to pride. It retards our spiritual growth, it eats away at our souls, and it keeps us from having the kind of intimate relationship that God wants with us. I believe that hardened pride can also make you physically ill. Therefore, pride owners are also missing out on countless blessings. I suspect, just like when our children have been disobedient, we cannot reward them for that kind of behavior. When we put up our pride walls, we too, have become like disobedient children to our Heavenly Father. In essence, we are cutting ourselves off from His rewards.

As humans, we all have some degree of pride. Some are just more hidden than others. The hidden ones may even be more toxic. We've all heard the saying that 'pride comes before the fall.' Pride can be a killer. It can be the very thing that separates us from not only healthy relationships but also from God, for eternity. Pride is a difficult thing to manage. I use the word 'manage' because for me, I seem to have to direct, assess, and check it all the time. It comes down to the fact that all of us want to be valued and loved. But when we become so desperate for these things, we develop an unhealthy pride to mask our desperation. Have you ever seen someone so desperate for attention? It's actually painful to watch isn't it? What I'm learning is that no matter what anyone thinks of us, God loves us and made us without mistake, for a purpose. The more we believe who we are in God's eyes, the easier it becomes to let go of the desperate attempt to let everyone else know how great we are. Freedom.

I was watching a NOOMA video the other day and I heard something that was interesting to me. Allow me to share...

Faith in God is important but what about God's faith in us? He wouldn't have chose us if He didn't think we were worthy. It's great that we have faith in Jesus but do we really know how much faith Jesus has in us? He must have faith in us! Jesus believes that we can actually be the kind of people that God created us to be. The kind of people that take action because we are aware of these endless opportunities around us for good, for beauty, for truth. Jesus has faith that we can follow Him (just like the disciples did) and be like him. He believes it! Jesus wants us to be like Him- a person of love, forgiveness and truth. A person of peace, grace, joy and hope. And if we really believed all this, how much more would be be able to accomplish for God?

May you have faith in God but may you believe that God has faith in you. And may you have faith in Jesus but may you believe that Jesus has faith in you.
-Rob Bell (NOOMA-"Dust")

09 January 2010

Off and running...

Piling into the tent while on a bathroom break.

Snack and play time outside.

Playing the game Cariboo Island.

Swim lessons.

Well, we are getting back into the swing of our post-holiday schedule around here. This week, I taught the first week of school for the kids and after a two month break, the girls resumed their swim lessons. After a rough start back to school on Tuesday, I redeemed myself on Thursday with my best day of teaching so far. Tuesday wasn't as rough for the kids as it was for me.
I learned that too many projects that involved Elmer's glue and scissors, coupled with high expectations on the first day back proved to be an edgy combination for me. By Thursday, I had a new, calmer, and easy-going attitude. And what do you know? It turned into an awesome day of learning, FUN, and just all around love. Sigh... I knew I'd be getting schooled, too.

After being out of the pool for two months (other than the jacuzzi), our little mermaids jumped right in as if there was no break! By summer, they should actually be swimming by using all the strokes they have learned. Speaking of summer, I know that I'm probably the only person in this desert who feels this way but I'm so ready for warmer temperatures! I'm not talking 114, I'd be happy with 85-90. I love the desert and where we live but coming from the beach, the winters here are cold for me. I know! I know! I'm crazy! I guess I'm just missing the beach, fun in the pool, longer days with more sunlight, and what seems like a little more family time during the summer months. I also miss wearing shorts and flip-flops! It'll be here soon enough.

Lastly, on our schedule until the end of May is Mom2Mom. We start back up next week and I have been busy coordinating speakers for the next two sessions. I think it's going to be great! This is also Morgan's busy time of year since he travels more for his clients' annual reviews. Hopefully, the girls and I can tag along on some of those out of town trips to make his long drives easier. So, with all that said, the new year is now official. We are off and running!

05 January 2010

Love. Speak. Give. Embrace.

Like so many people, I am excited about all the possibilities and promise that a brand new year holds. I suppose that's why I like to pack up all the Christmas decorations and get the house looking like new before January 1st actually arrives. Personally, I just don't like starting the New Year cleaning up from the last. There is something really cathartic about closing another chapter, another year. I wish I could say that I have a whole list of resolutions that I'd like to share and follow this year, but I don't. I guess I'm wising up to the fact that whatever I want or have planned, it may be entirely different from what God has planned for me. If nothing else, I'm learning to be flexible. That's not to say though, that I don't have desires or goals. In fact, I feel like I'm constantly trying to better myself in all areas of my life. Thankfully, the older I get, I'm also learning to give myself a break.

The truth is, I am eager to master the art of contentment. I'm talking about true, deep, honest contentment. The kind that brings real peace, joy, and satisfaction, in spite of life's circumstances. I mean, come on? What's there not to be content and joyful about? I am the apple of God's eye, a daughter to the King, worth more than rubies, and a co-heir with Christ- just to name a few aliases!

More than the earthly or temporal desires that me and most people have
(for me, it's things like staying fit, cleaning out our garage, or starting some new home improvement project), I'm choosing to focus more this year on my spiritual desires. There are four and they are categorized like this...

*Love Deeper *Speak Sweeter *Give Grace *Embrace Eternity

Love Deeper- I'd like to work on building deeper relationships. This goes for family, friends, acquaintances, and even people I don't know. I believe that God wants me to show and initiate more love and compassion towards others. Jesus said that the second most important commandment is to, "Love your neighbor as yourself." ~Mark 12:31

Speak Sweeter- This one is pretty self-explanatory. I'm endeavoring to speak kindly about and to everyone. For me, it's often a matter of tone. Just like the saying goes... if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all, right? The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat it's fruit. ~Proverbs 18:21. I am also reminded of Ephesians 4:2. "Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love."

Give Grace
- I'll admit it. Extending grace is a hard one for me but it's something that I am fiercely passionate about learning to do, especially towards my children. I love what Paul said in 1 Corinthians 15:10, "But by the grace of God, I am what I am, and His grace to me was not without effect. No, I worked harder than all of them- yet not I, but the grace of God that was with me." Grace is God's unmerited favor and it is the greatest gift that I have received. I have to remember that in my life, grace is what's made all the difference.

Embrace Eternity- As Christians, we all know that earthly things do not last. Even so, it's so easy to get side-tracked! After all, just about everything in our everyday life revolves around the here and now (i.e. our jobs, struggles, hobbies, and desires). Instead, I want to focus more on keeping an eternal perspective with things like building a deeper relationship with God, loving others, helping those in need, working on my weaknesses, and always finding ways to praise God. I don't want the earthly things to rob me of the joy and calling that God has intended for me.

Last week, Morgan and I took some time in prayer to thank God for His faithfulness over the past year and together, we petitioned God with thanksgiving for all that is to come this New Year. I am excited to see how my life will be simplified and prioritized as a result of this spiritual focus. At least, that's the goal. Like everyone else, I too, often find myself falling prey to the many distractions of this world. I shudder to think of how many times I got irritated or raised my voice, simply because I was in a hurry to be somewhere. Of course, it had nothing to do with the fact that I could have pre-planned better, had less on my schedule, or used my time more wisely! Sheesh...

Basically, it comes down to me wanting to be more like Jesus and less like me. I'm so ready. Being me can be exhausting sometimes. Here's to a God-filled, God inspired, and God willing 2010!

01 January 2010

New Year's Eve

Enjoying a night out...

...with friends!

Silly group photo.

A chilly night at Wild Lights.

Cobi and the kids waiting their turn on the carousel.

Faith picked out the big horn sheep.

Grace was happy on the ostrich.

Morgan and Ryan racing their jeep strollers.

The dads playing bumper cars with the kids.

The light tunnel.

Watching some older kids ice skate.


Our last group photo. Or so we thought...

The kids wanted to take a picture of us.
Grace took this one.

We ended 2009 by having dinner with friends, followed by an evening of Wild Lights at the Living Desert (our local zoo). They just installed a new carousel ride so that was a big highlight for the kids. The full moon made it a gorgeous (and chilly) night- atleast there was no wind! We enjoyed good food, good friends, and lots of laughs. Here's to a brand new year of blessings to come! Welcome, 2010!

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