25 July 2017

Weekly Favorites

A little preschool prep.

A marathon session with dot markers because he wanted to do them ALL!

Reinforcing all the letters with his favorite Cinnamon Schoolhouse Crackers.
Also, he's not wearing pants because this was happening last week...

It was finally time to give it a try!

First time SUCCESS!!

Keeping his hands busy is key!

Helping things move along...

At least he's enjoying himself, right?

Call me weird but there's something so ADORABLE about a toddler on the potty!
Well, my toddler anyway! #toomanypottyphotos 

Like father. Like son. ðŸ˜ƒ #dirtridermagazine

I ask myself this question often (especially now that the girls are getting older). I'm reminded that as Christ followers, we are called to be in the world but not of the world. Do our choices, lifestyle, and conduct reflect our desire to be set-apart and holy for Him? It starts with us, doesn't it? Praying for all the wisdom and discernment as we approach the teenage years!     

Last week, I took some time to clean out and organize my pantry. Boy, does it feel good! My pantry is not all that large and somehow it was hard to locate anything. I had too many boxes and packages taking over all the shelves.

I got rid of all the snack boxes and instead, put them in these open bins. It's nothing fancy but at least now I can see what we have and when we're running low on our favorites. Organization just makes me happy!

This also makes it easy for the kids to open the pantry door and see what we have.

When we were in Bakersfield, Lucy made us this salad one night and it was super yummy! We LOVE salads with fruit in this family so when we got home, I immediately recreated it. It has 6 simple ingredients: Romaine, spinach, chopped chicken, mandarin oranges, grapes, and green onions. Add your favorite vinaigrette and a light refreshing dinner is served! Thanks, Lucy!

Here's another one that I make quite often. Mixed Spring Greens with bell peppers (red or orange) cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, strawberries, and blueberries. Just add your favorite protein as a side (salmon on this night) and dinner is done!

So, lately I've been on this sparkling water kick. First, let me just say that I've never enjoyed sparkling water... until now. I thought it tasted nasty and salty. I don't drink soda or tea so my go-to drink is always just plain still water. But every now and again, it's kind of refreshing to gulp down something effervescent. Especially in the summer! These fruit laced La Croix's are my answer! These are 100% natural, calorie free, sweetener free, and sodium free. Plus, they have lots of fun flavors! I've tried 4 different flavors so far and Mango is my favorite! Coming in a close second is Cherry Lime. And that's surprising to me because I'm NOT a fan of cherry anything. If you're looking for a refreshing healthy bubbly drink, give La Croix's a try. They can be found in your local Wal-Mart or Target stores. In fact, I just saw them in a variety pack at Costco, too with some interesting new flavors. Bonus: They're a fun, healthy treat for the kids!       

Zach had his first experience with SLIME!

He wasn't sure if he wanted to touch it at first but he quickly caught on.

Fun for all ages!

We found him a Heffalump on Ebay last week and they've been inseparable ever since!
He's pretty much kicked Mickey to the curb. Mickey, who??

Sharing his snacks with Lumpy.

See what I mean? Inseparable!

Update: Potty training is going pretty well. He has no problem going #1 or #2 in the potty. It's just that he also has no problem going #1 or #2 in his diaper as well! We're probably a long way off before we're diaper free but I suppose consistency is key. I know from experience (with the girls), kids will give up diapers when they're good and ready. There's been no tears (on either side! 😄) and for the most part, it's been easy getting him to go sit on the potty. I know some moms that can knock out potty training in a few days but I'm just not one of them. He'll get it when he gets it and it'll be just fine. Life is too short to be stressed out about potty training. Ask me how I know. 😅😜 #pottytrainingdiaries

In the summer, I rarely wear my hair down because it's just too dang HOT around here. When we travel out of the area, I rarely wear my hair down because I don't want to spend too much time in the bathroom blow drying and styling it. Anywhere other than the desert, my hair tends to get frizzy because of humidity. You should see my hair in Hawaii! Oy! 😲 I have a natural wave (thanks, Dad!) but an annoying frizz that happens anytime I'm out of the desert. I decided one day last week to play up the waves and use a curling spritzer on my semi wet hair. Then to eliminate so much frizz, I simply used my curling wand to tame (curl) the obvious frizzy side pieces a bit. It literally only took me 2 minutes for both sides. I let the rest of my hair air dry, leaving it messy (or beachy). I think I can do this when traveling and not spend so much time trying to blow dry my hair straight when it will eventually go back to frizzy anyway! Next month, we'll be in San Diego for a week so we'll see how it goes. If not, there's always my go-to... a hat and pony tail! #messyhairdontcare #onlysometimesido

And last but not least, these words from Ruth @gracelaced have lingered on my heart ever since I read them. I highlighted the line at the bottom because this is the truth about who God really is. He is faithful! Sometimes, as a mom, we can feel like we're messing it all up or on the flip side, we can start thinking that we've got it all figured out. I don't know about you but intentional motherhood is the hardest job in the world but it's also the greatest. I fail at it everyday in some way but to know that God still uses me, in spite of myself, for His glory... Well, that's so incredibly humbling to me! There is freedom and hope in Him. In the end, it will have nothing to do with how well I nailed motherhood but EVERYTHING to do with His grace and how faithful He is! #hallelujah

24 July 2017

Sunday Funday

 After church, we headed to our local Aquatic Center for some waterslide fun.


It took him a minute to get used to all the water pouring down on him but eventually he liked it and we couldn't get him off the slide!

Four of my favorite people.

Now it was the girls' turn on the bigger slides.

They loved it!

Hanging out with my little man.

Gotta love Sundays!

Snuggles with my boy.

Kisses, too. 😚 

This is how we Sabbath. 😃

Oh, sweet Sundays!

I know we have a pool at home but the Aquatic Center is our local and cheap version of a waterpark for the kids. It wasn't crowded at all and it was great for both our big girls and our little guy. The girls not only enjoyed the waterslide but they had a blast diving off the high dive and swimming laps in the gigantic pool. Plus, the aquatic center actually "cools" their pools so it was refreshing! Not like bath water. Ha!  

21 July 2017

OC to Bakersfield

So, these are the random photos from the rest of our week. Mostly, it's what we did with Zach while the girls were in camp. We took full advantage of the weather by being outside as much as possible. On this particular day, we were meeting my mom for lunch in La Mirada so we dropped off the girls and then headed to La Mirada Regional Park. I forgot to take a picture with my mom but she took us to a fun Shabu Shabu place for lunch! Hi mom! Zach sure loves his Halmoni. 😚 

We spotted a remote controlled boat in the lake.

Of course, he had to have a closer look.

And then this nice man let him drive it around for a bit.

We also went over to Rich and Emily's one afternoon for dinner and swimming.

Zach and his cousin, baby Eleanor.

One day, we took Zach to Downtown Disney for some exploring.

The Lego Store.

Aquarium at the Rainforest Café.

We checked out Build-A-Bear and of course, he goes straight for Marshall the firedog, puts him in a red "firetruck", and starts playing with him on the floor. 😂

Sitting with his pals, Eeyore and Mickey.

We took the tram ride to the parking structure and back... not that we were parked there. We just wanted the free ride because Zach kept calling it the "train."

Fun fact: Zach's favorite character lately is Heffalump (the elephant from Winnie the Pooh) so he was extremely fond of this elephant.

See what I mean?

We had lunch with our little guy before heading back. #holyhumidityonmyhair 😝

We did some swimming in the evening back at our hotel. It was actually a luxury apartment that we rented through Airbnb and it worked out great as it was close to everything in OC and we had more room to spread out. #familyoffiveissues

South Coast Plaza for the $1 Carousel Ride.

So cheap, he rode it twice!

Then we headed to Bakersfield to hang out for a couple of days with more family. #cutiepies

I wish I had taken more pictures but sadly, the only pictures I have of our time there was of Zach and Coco.

Coco is Christina's dog and she is the most passive and gentlest Golden Retriever you've ever met.

She even lets Zach be her master. 😃

Tug of war.


It's always been love at first sight. Well, at least for Zach anyway. #zachandcoco 

Look who we got to see? Grandpa (who now lives in Bakersfield) looked great and it was so wonderful to see him!

Morgan and Zach went to a skate park one morning and then spent some time in the pool. Since it's pretty hot in Bakersfield (over 100 degrees like home) the girls and I mostly stayed indoors, played games, and just visited. 

And that concluded our week away! A fun-filled experience where we got to see our sweet family, too.

After a week away, can I just tell you how AMAZING it was to sleep in my own bed (without a toddler kicking me in the gut constantly?). Zach's beginning to be a better traveler (he did awesome in the car!) but his nighttime game could still use some work. Traveling with a toddler isn't always easy but it sure makes home feel that much sweeter!

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