31 July 2015


Footgolf 01

Yeah, it’s a thing. Think soccer, on a golf course. The object of the game is to kick the ball in the cup with the fewest number of shots.


Footgolf 02

Silly faced kids!

We live in the golf capital of the world so of course, this makes sense, right? When the girls were invited to play an afternoon of footgolf at Desert Willow, we happily said, “YES, please!”

Morgan took the girls to meet up with our friends. I wonder if the kids or the dads had more fun? ;)


Footgolf 03

After playing 9 holes in the heat, the kids enjoyed a cool and refreshing lemonade in the clubhouse. Life is rough! :)

(And thanks, daddy for the pictures! I didn’t even have to ask for them).

He knows me too well. ;) 

Pool, cousins, and a celebration!

Pool 03

My brother and his family are here vacationing for the week so we joined them at the Shadow Ridge pool. Zach loves to splash!


Pool 09

The kiddie pool.


Pool 06


Pool 07

All smiles.


Pool 08

Another water baby in the family. Yay!


Pool 04

Cousins and buddies.


Pool 05

He loves the water!


Pool 02

Relaxing in the shade.


Pool 01

Look at that adorable little face!


Pool 12


Pool 10

We also celebrated Kylie’s 6th birthday at our house. The birthday girl requested spaghetti and chocolate ice cream!



Someone’s having fun with his spaghetti.


2015-07-26 18.13.48

We always look forward to the summer when my brother and his family come to visit. We get to play in the pool and share many meals together. This year, it was also nice to have Halmoni join us for a couple of days.

Fun memories!

21 July 2015

Tae Kwon Do

TKD 03

The girls have also been taking Tae Kwon Do this summer. It’s so fun to do it with friends!

For years, we’ve been asking them if they wanted to do it but they’ve always declined. Morgan took them to observe a class a few weeks ago where they actually got to participate. The Sensai worked them hard and we thought for sure, they would say no but they were hooked, despite the pain! :)

Now, they look forward to it every Monday and Wednesday night!

It’s been a GREAT way to get in some P.E. during our hot summer months, too!

The girls have committed to going for the long term, so we invested in the costumes uniforms. ;)


TKD 02

They were SO excited to wear them this week!


TKD 01

With those smiles and dimples, they’re just too cute to look tough! :)

18 July 2015

Finally, the Beach!!


First time with his toes in the ocean.



“Help, I’m sinking!”



Happy boy.



Gorgeous Grace.



Look at those stubby chubby legs! I love ‘em! :)



He was so excited!



He couldn’t stop smiling. This is his happy place!



My sweet boy.


DSC02733 (2)

Enjoying the beach with mama.



Faith, Joshua, and Jacob, digging and building.



Grace and Elizabeth.


DSC02738 (2)

Chatting and enjoying the perfect weather.



See? He could NOT stop smiling!



Until he pooped out and needed a little cat nap.



Thanks for letting us borrow the baby tent, Hai!



Boogie boarding babes.



Having a blast!



Zach getting some air.


DSC02759 (2)

Me and my boys.



Totally content.





DSC02769 (2)

Family of five.



The men.



Grace and Elizabeth.



Faith and Jacob.



A Zach sandwich.



On daddy’s shoulders. Aka: On top of the world.



His little buddy.



Having fun messing up daddy’s hair.



We saw a couple of amazing sandcastles.



The Beach Crew.



Ben and Zach.



Always a tradition to get ice cream at the beach!


DSC02797 (2)

She likes the warmth of the sand.



We have another beach lover in the family! Yay!

I can’t believe it’s taken us this LONG to get to the beach this summer. Oh well, the important thing is that we got there! The beach is always worth it and this was a trip to remember. After all, it was Zach’s FIRST trip to the BEACH!! 

He loved everything about it. The sand, the sun, the ocean, and his little toes in the water. He’s usually happy (most of the time) but I’ve never seen him smiling so much as he did at the beach.

This is the second summer we’ve made a fun trip with our friends, the Blodgett’s and Witte’s. Last summer, Zach was still critical in the NICU and the beach became like therapy for me. This summer, I’m so grateful he’s home, he’s healthy, he’s happy, and the bonus:

He loves the beach as much as we do! Life is GOOD!! :))

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