27 July 2016

Annual Beach Day with Friends!


Look at cute little Miss Sylvie peeking out. :)

Morgan and Derek.

Sand pit.

Joe picked a perfect day to fly his kite!

The ladies... plus Miss Malorie.

Zach made some new friends by helping himself to some shade and relaxing in this comfy chair...

 The girls were busy catching waves all day long.

 Daddy's mini me.

 All the kiddos.

Us desert dwellers gladly made our way to the coast to experience the 30 degree drop in temperature this past weekend. We love the beach anytime but our annual beach trip with friends is definitely one of the highlights of our summer.

The girls only came out of the ocean to eat while Zach on the other hand, stayed on sand for most of the day. Thankfully, he slowly warmed up to running in the water by the afternoon.

Speaking of the water, it felt fantastic! I don't always get in the ocean because it's a bit too cold for me but on this day, the temperature was great! The power of the ocean always leaves me with respect for the One who created it. When I intentionally experience the ocean freely, full throttle, it somehow leaves me with more courage and bravery, too.

Beach therapy... always so good for the soul.

25 July 2016

Big Boy Haircut

Our little guy was looking a little shaggy with his hair growing out so it was time for another haircut.

This time, he went to a real men's barbershop.

Getting all cleaned up.

His first BIG BOY haircut!

 So handsome!


Big sisters and tickles.

Ready to tackle the world!

 Precious little man.

That scrunchy face gets me every time. :)

Such a cutie pie!

Zach has been always blessed with some great hair (and lots of it!). It was finally time to cut off all the baby curls and go with a shorter, easier, boy cut. Plus, we're going on vacation next month and we wanted an easy haircut for him. For the first time since he was a baby, we can now see more of his face (and ears!).
Needless to say, I'm in love!


18 July 2016

Janette's Baby Shower Lunch

It's a GIRL!!

Melissa and I.

Hailey & Karen.

We gathered for lunch, this time at the Daily Grill to celebrate yet another little blessing.
It's baby #4 for Janette! Children are a blessing from the Lord and we couldn't be happier for her!

Love these friends and the time we spend together. Through joy and sorrow, life is so much richer with them.
We missed you, Jill!

Can't wait to meet baby Paislie in 6 weeks!

14 July 2016

Live It Well

Fifteen years ago, Morgan and I walked into our first Switchfoot concert. We'd been to many concerts prior to this together but this was the very first Christian concert we ever experienced. Newly married and armed with a renewed zeal in our faith, that night was the perfect catalyst for igniting revival in our souls.

Ten albums later, these guys are still penning poignant lyrics and making incredible music.

This song should be an anthem for us all.

What's your story and who are YOU living for?

Life is short; I wanna live it well.
One life, one story to tell.

11 July 2016

First Beach Day of the Summer

 We made it to the ocean!

 He was very tentative about the ocean this time.

 He's been noticing and saying, "flag" every time he sees one. The beach had plenty!

My guys.

 Helping daddy with the umbrella.

 Grace enjoys a warm sand blanket.

 Taking a walk with daddy.

 Making his scrunchy face.

 Trying to balance.

Faith's sand art.


My baby!

The family.

 Busy working.

 Making friends.

 Watching the girls play.

My little beach bum.

 I scream, you scream.

"Watch me balance on this pole, mom."

We made it to our first beach trip of the summer and as usual, it was worth the long drive. 

This time, to our surprise, Zach was scared of the waves. Which was weird because he's never been afraid of anything. I think it must have been the roaring sound and the power of the ocean as he stood at the water's edge. He avoided going near the water for most of the day but he happily busied himself playing in the sand, making new friends, and people watching.

I think I remember the girls reacting the same way when they were about two. Thankfully, they got over it and now they love the beach! Hopefully, Zach will eventually, too.

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