25 November 2014

Tis’ the Season!

photo (156)
On the evening of daddy’s birthday, we decided to bust out the Christmas Tree and decorate!

Christmas Tree 031
I loved watching (and listening) to the girls go through all the ornaments with nostalgia. So sweet!

Christmas Tree 028

photo (157)
One of our newest ornaments-- reminding us of that summer in San Francisco… where miracles happened.

Christmas Tree 037
I love this age because they can do so many things. Like decorate the entire tree!

Christmas Tree 040

Christmas Tree 044

Christmas Tree 047
Do you have a favorite family tradition when it comes to tree trimming?
Ours is listening to Christmas Carols while sipping hot chocolate and enjoying a candy cane for good measure. It’s the girls’ favorite time of year and I’m sure it’ll be Zach’s, too. Lord willing, next year at this time, we’ll be keeping him from pulling down the tree and eating all the ornaments!

24 November 2014

Daddy’s Birthday Brunch

photo 2 (5)
All of my favorite people right here!

We saved our appetites and went to brunch at Wilma & Frieda’s on El Paseo.

Such a cute café!

pastry bar
The pastry bar is something to behold.

photo 4 (3)

photo 5 (1)
The short rib benedict was amazing!

photo 1 (5)
The birthday boy gets a slice of Rocky Road Brownie for his birthday.

photo (155)
We got daddy a new picture for his office. Smile
If you enjoy breakfast or brunch, you have to check out Wilma & Frieda’s. I love this place with its homemade sausages, jams, and hands down, the best English muffins. This is a special occasion breakfast spot for us and it was the perfect way to celebrate daddy after church on Sunday.
Happy Birthday to the one we cherish and the best part of our day.
We love you more than words!
P.S. You know he’s a great dad when even the neighborhood kids come over to drop off birthday notes that tell him he’s the “Best Dad Ever” and “a good man” and they love him very much. So sweet!

22 November 2014

Grandma’s 75th!

Grandma's 75th 015

Grandma's 75th 014
In honor of Grandpa, Zach wore his Fire fighter outfit. Smile

Grandma's 75th 017
So happy that Grandpa’s feeling better and Aunt Mary Jo was able to join us as well.

Grandma's 75th 007
The girls helped me set the table for dinner and even made special place cards for everyone.

Grandma's 75th 020

Grandma's 75th 021
The Coconut Crème Pie turned out light and yummy.

Grandma's 75th 026
Seventy five… a number that not everyone gets the privilege to celebrate. We are so blessed and honored to have had a special birthday dinner for Grandma. This amazing woman puts most 75 year-olds to shame with her energy, zest for life, and her heart for serving others. She’s an excellent example of motherly love and selflessness and we are so grateful to call her OURS!
Happy Birthday, Grandma! You make 75 look good. Winking smile
“Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: "Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all." Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised. Give her the reward she has earned, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.” –Proverbs 31:28-31 

17 November 2014

The Scripture Quilt

Scripture Quilt
Who doesn’t love a great comfy quilt? Especially one that’s handmade just for you! I’m happy to have received a few different quilts as gifts for Zachary. Each one is definitely special in their own way but this one in particular is especially personal and meaningful.
At 33.5 weeks old, Zachary took a turn for the worse when the MRSA spread to his lungs. All of a sudden, my updates to family and close friends went from being occasional, light and joy-filled to urgent, pressing, and intentional.
Throughout the duration of his stay in the NICU (miraculously, only 5 more weeks), I clung to God’s Word day and night. I relied on every promise He ever spoke and hoped beyond hope.
Depending on what was going on with Zach, my updates would often include scripture inspired by the Holy Spirit. Truthfully, I began including scripture in my updates, mainly because I was the one who needed to be reminded of God’s love and His promises. However, as only God can do, He used His powerful Living Word to inspire others as they prayed in earnest for us and followed us through this trial.
This special quilt was a gift from the Leadership Team at CBS. My dear sisters were fierce Prayer Warriors through this trial. I have no doubt, the prayers they offered were both instrumental and relentless.
My sweet and multi-talented friend, Jill was responsible for making this amazing quilt and hand stitching each and every one of these precious scriptures. 
All the scriptures that I included in my updates regarding Zach!
I know… I KNOW!!
I brought the gift home and opened it in front of Morgan…
Needless to say, we were both in TEARS!
Other than Zachary himself, what a humbling reminder of our gracious and faithful God!
Birthday & Baptism 023

Birthday & Baptism 021

Birthday & Baptism 025
Yes! Amen!!

10 November 2014

Camping & Uncle Ben’s Race

JV Camping 009
Uncle Ben and Aunt Lucy’s new toy hauler.

JV Camping 016
She’s a spacious and comfortable beauty, too!

JV Camping 002
Faith is ready for some adventure.

JV Camping 004
They love to climb the rocks.

JV Camping 003
Zach was bored and tired.

JV Camping 014
Grace looks serious.

JV Camping 012
We loved all the wide open spaces for riding.

JV Camping 013
There she goes…

JV Camping 015
Faith didn’t feel too well but she couldn’t let her sister have all the fun either.

JV Camping 018
Fun toys for the “big” and little kids.

JV Camping 025
This is when Grace crashed and jumped off onto the rocks... she’s gutsy. Like father, like daughter.

JV Camping 01
Zach and mama hanging out. I think he liked hearing all the bike engines. Vroooom!!!!!!!

JV Camping 03
Soon enough, buddy! He’ll probably be my little dirt bike baby.

JV Camping 06
Praying before the race.

JV Camping 08
Zach representin’ with his KTM orange.

JV Camping 09
Is the race over yet? Did I miss anything?

JV Camping 07
Congrats, again Ben! I think this is his 5th 1st place finish! His friend, Mike raced in his first race and placed 4th or 5th. Great job! And if Morgan was up for it, you’d better believe he’d be in the race, too! For now, we’re happy to come out and support Ben any way we can.

JV Camping 05
Big and “little” Ben.
While Morgan’s still trying to get back into race shape, Ben’s been racing and winning, time and time again! It’s been great fun for Morgan to tag along and be his brother’s wing man. In the meantime, we’re also taking the opportunity to introduce Zach to camping.
(Although I don’t know if you can call it “camping” when you’re blessed with such luxury!) Winking smile
Zach did well on his first camping adventure and slept a good deal. It was Faith that had a bit of trouble. Poor thing got sick overnight and threw up for the first time ever. Morgan and Ben spent the better part of the night cleaning up vomit everywhere. Thankfully, she felt better the next day but nevertheless, the new rig is now officially, “broken in.” Sorry about that, Ben.
Hope we’re welcome again! 

04 November 2014

Baby Shower Luncheon

Baby Shower 03
My sweet girlfriends, Hailey and Karen were so gracious to host a baby shower luncheon for me at Desert Willow this weekend.
It was intimate, beautiful, and simple. And no baby shower games! Winking smile
I got to spend an afternoon being surrounded by 7 of my favorite women. It was perfect.

Baby Shower 01
I was so happy that my beautiful sister in law, Emily and my Mom both made the drive to join us.

Baby Shower 02
Grateful for these two wonderful mothers in my life.

Baby Shower 06
The desert is gorgeous this time of year!
I’ve never felt as spoiled as I’ve felt this year. Not only by my Father in heaven but by the gift of friendship He has given me in these precious women. Each one is very special to me. They have supported and encouraged me in life and comforted me in death.
We have the privilege of walking through life together and learning what it means to love one another, just as He loves us.
What a joy and a gift it is to be showered in love by these dear sweet sisters. 
I am blessed beyond measure! 
“A friend loves at all times. And a sister is born for adversity. “ ~Proverbs 17:17

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