Summer Happenings

photo 1

So, what have the girls been up to?

Well, we’re still doing schoolwork everyday but our goal is to finish by 10 (or 11 at the latest). It just depends when we get started in the mornings and what we have going on for the day. Besides playing lots of dolls and reading as often as they can, they started taking sewing lessons a couple of weeks ago. In the last year, they’ve both been passionate about sewing on their own so it was time for them to learn all the basics, the right way. They’ve always wanted to make clothes for the needy and one day, maybe even start a sewing club.

So far, they’re having so much fun!

photo 2

The girls also participated in my friend, Hailey’s first ever Craft Camp. Hailey organized a cute craft for each day of the week and the girls spent a couple of hours at her house every morning learning new crafts, working together, and generally just having fun with their girlfriends. It was a GREAT experience for them and they hope Mrs. White has enough energy to do it again NEXT summer!

  • Monday: sewing
  • Tuesday: card making
  • Wednesday: jewelry making
  • Thursday: felt food
  • Friday: cake decorating

We take a break from our regular music lessons in the summer so it’s the perfect time to try out new interests and see what becomes of them. Keeping the girls’ hands busy is always a worthwhile investment. Especially if they’re learning a new skill or using their creativity.

Zach's First Pool 030

Summer also means we escape the heat by taking time to go to the $1 movies with our friends and eat way too much buttered popcorn before lunch. Fun times!

Zach’s First Swim

02A - Copy

He could hardly contain his excitement. :)


03A - Copy

Ahh, water!


04A - Copy

Splashing in a gigantic bathtub? Yes, please!


05A - Copy

He loved it!


07A - Copy


08A - Copy

Playing with sissy.


09A - Copy

Practicing balance with some help from daddy.





Life is good.



My awesome girlfriends.


013A - Copy (2)

Kids and dads playing basketball.



Zachary thoroughly enjoyed his first swim at Karen and Ben’s pool this past weekend. We figured he would since he loves his baths. He had so much fun, he zonked out in my arms afterwards.

The Blodgett’s have the perfect home for fellowship gatherings in the summer and we were so in need of some refreshment from this heat and lots of busyness. What a blessing to gather with friends, relax, enjoy great food, and create some fun summer memories.

Madilyn’s Dol and Halmoni’s Birthday


Celebrated the birthdays of these two special ladies. My mom looks radiant and Madi is so beautiful in her matching pink hanbok. 



Emily did such a cute job of decorating for the party.



Sweet memories.



A picture of my parents and my brother on his Dol.



Halmoni and her girls.



I love this sweet girl.



The happy family.





Time for Dol jabi.



She picked the rosary.



Uncle Larry provided the music with his ukulele.



Happy Birthday, Halmoni!



Happy Birthday, Madi!



Morgan’s other favorite girl.



Zach having fun with Gomo Halmoni.



These two have my heart.



My brother and his beautiful bride.



Playing with cousins.

Born just a day apart, this weekend, we celebrated the birthdays of my niece and my mom. They were both gorgeous in their pink hanboks and my brother and my sister in law did a wonderful job of preparing all the details.

Surrounded by mostly family and a few close friends, I  couldn’t help but miss my dad. Later, in tears, I said to Morgan, “He wasn’t there. He missed it and he would’ve loved it.”

Of course, Morgan reminded me that he was  there and he actually didn’t miss a thing. It was only us that missed him.

So true.

I love you, Dad and I continue to marvel at my mom’s bravery. She’s courageously fighting to live life without you and there are days when that undoubtedly gets hard.

But you would be so very proud of her.

The Countdown to Zachary’s FIRST birthday!

Zachary Birthday (2) A

I can hardly believe it’s only 10 days ‘til my sweet boy turns ONE! We went from thinking we were going to do an intimate, low-key family party to now, a full blown, BIG celebration! Hey, you only turn ONE once, right?!

Plus, we have so much to be grateful for! We’re celebrating all that we’ve come through this year as a family. It only seemed fitting to do that with all the people who are dear to us and who love Zachary, too!

Between party planning and the Big Bear Cabin project this summer, I told Morgan I’m going to need a vacation after all this is said and done! :)

Thankfully, I started planning for the party early. Plus, a couple of my girlfriends are helping me out. 

Instead of a particular theme, I determined the colors of the party first, which was easy. He’s practically an “Independence Day” baby anyway so red, white, and blue seemed appropriate. I threw in the baby blue, just because he’s my baby boy. :) That led to the obvious resounding theme which is freedom… Americana… ICE CREAM… and a GIGANTIC waterslide! Basically, everything SUMMER!

I can’t wait to share some of the details. Details that probably don’t mean a whole heck of a lot to anyone but me. Nonetheless, I enjoyed creating a few EASY decorations for the big day.

I’ll also be writing a special birthday letter to my boy.  

The only thing left to do is shop for the food next week and decorate my house.

The countdown is ON!!!

*A shout-out to my girlfriend, Holly at PeaceLoveEtsy for creating Zachary’s 1st birthday invites! They turned out so ADORABLE! He held that ice cream cone for a fraction of a second so I’m thrilled just to have gotten this picture. Let’s just say, the girls enjoyed sharing that drippy treat on that hot MORNING. :)