What a beautiful and “cool” morning it was for the first chapel service of the year!



Miss Faith, posing on her way in.


DSC03126 (2)

Sweet Grace, walking in with her class.



Zachary LOVED clapping along to the worship music.



Learning hand motions to the songs.



Pastor Rob sharing a teaching time from the life of Moses.

Parents (as well as little siblings) are invited to attend chapel service every Monday morning. It was so sweet to see all the kids get excited for worship and praise time. Chapel is basically an hour long church service.

The picture above shows all the kids from Jr. K to 5th grade. There are less than 50 kids! 

One of the many things we love about our school… How SMALL it is!

Chapel: a fantastic way to start off the week!

School update

photo (4)

Morgan drops the girls off every morning and they just love it when he comes down wearing the same thing as them. Such a sweet and fun daddy!


photo 4 (2)

Can we just talk about these two precious girls right here? (Zachy always wants to get in the picture, too!)

They have gone through SO MUCH change in the last few weeks. Talk about a HUGE learning curve. Besides the move to the new house and learning all the ins and outs of school life in general, the transition from homeschooling to private school has been a total 180. Schooling used to be done in the mornings but now, all their schoolwork needs to be done in the afternoon and into the evening.

I’m not going to lie. At times, for me, the struggle has been real. Especially the first couple of weeks as we moved in and tried to get adjusted to our new home, new schedules, new EVERYTHING.

(One thing’s for sure, I have a whole new respect for any parent who does the daily school grind. Especially those with younger kids in tow. It sure is a lot of work!)

The girls have handled all the change with such great poise and maturity. There has not been one single complaint about anything! Truth is, they LOVE school. They’re 3 weeks in and they still get up early every morning. They’re excited to go everyday and they have the biggest smiles on their faces when I pick them up. They love their teachers, their new friends, and yes, even the work. And can I tell you? The work is no joke, friends. Fourth grade is an important transitional year and the work is tough. Well, at least I think it is. ;)

There is no doubt, however, they are being challenged and experiencing so much MORE than what I could give them right now. Praise the Lord, THEY ARE ENJOYING IT!!

The girls are blossoming a little more each day. They’re learning to have a strong work ethic as well as having opportunities to shine and be recognized for their character and maturity. It may be tougher on us as parents but all the change and hard work has been totally worth it.

It was their time! I’m so grateful to the Lord for working out all the details so they could go this year. I cannot say enough GREAT things about their school but that’s for another post down the line. 

So far, their favorite class is Spanish. The thing they miss most about homeschooling is Zach.

What do they do in their free time at home? They read, draw, play with their brother, and swim in the pool!


photo 4 (3)


photo 3 (4)

Today, there was an unmistakable change in the morning air. Did you feel it? October is upon us! For us, these past few months have been a season of incredible change. The work and the struggle have been real but the blessings have also been abundant as well. Looking back, it was truly only by His strength, that we made it through. God is faithful and tender to those who call out to Him.

We’re looking forward to all that this new season brings.

Welcome, October! I’ve been waiting for you. 

Sewing Project #2

photo 3 (3)

Last week, the girls finished making their 2nd skirt! They learned how to sew a zipper, a hook and eye, and other waistband techniques. I think they turned out adorable! They were so proud of them, they wore them to school for their once a month free dress day.

Sewing is such a great life skill to have and the girls have really enjoyed it. I’m so thankful we can still manage to do it, despite school. Their lessons are only twice a month, on their minimum day. Woo-hoo!

As you can see, little brother wanted to get in on the picture, too. :)

Can these three have any cuter smiles? I could just eat them all up!

Hello, October!

photo 5

Wasn’t it just Labor Day? Well, here we are, already October 1st!

I am so blessed to have the sweetest friends. Knowing how crazy busy I’ve been, they’ve brought over delectable dinners, baked us delicious treats, and even showered us with fantastic housewarming gifts. Too sweet, right??

I love how all of these gifts are somehow related to fall. My favorite time of year!

Despite what the thermometer still reads, at least I can dream of cooler weather... SOON!