An early celebration!

Adoption Day Bowling 002A

We celebrated the girls’ Adoption Day a little early this year. They wanted to go bowling!


Adoption Day Bowling 006A

Fun for the whole family.


Adoption Day Bowling 007A

Our adorable growing boy!


Adoption Day Bowling 011A

Precious gifts. All of them!


Adoption Day Bowling 016A

Grace shows us what’s she got.


Adoption Day Bowling 021A


Adoption Day Bowling 009A

Faith’s turn.


Adoption Day Bowling 018A


Adoption Day Bowling 019A


Adoption Day Bowling 024A

Daddy’s girls.


Adoption Day Bowling 025A


Adoption Day Bowling 032A

Sleepy boy.


Adoption Day Bowling 034A

A family that bowls together, stays together. :))


Adoption Day Bowling 036A

Well, hello there little one.


Adoption Day Bowling 038A

Love his gummy smile.


Adoption Day Bowling 040A

Frozen yogurt to top off the day. We love you, Grace & Faith!


outside hanbok 007

Hard to believe 8 years ago, we were in Korea, meeting our girls for the first time. Here they are, about a week after coming home. They were trying on their hanboks in preparation for their Tol, their first birthday party. Every year, we’ve celebrated their adoption day on March 6, the day we actually brought them home.

This year, we celebrated a little early because on March 6, we have another very important celebration to attend…

We’re headed to the courthouse for Zachary’s finalization hearing! 

We were blown away when we received the date in the mail. Only God could’ve worked out such details and merge all of our children’s special days together!

Oh, what a happy and joyful day it will be!

You Make Me Brave

This is another one of our favorite songs by Bethel. Go ahead and make it full screen. :)

I remember hearing this song for the first time last year. As I listened to the lyrics, the tears just kept flowing. I knew God was trying to make me brave through the trial we were facing with Zachary. He used this song as a powerful anchor of hope and He gave me the courage I needed, in spite of my fears.  

This song also inspired me when it was time to re-name my blog.

And there’s nothing sweeter than hearing my girls belt out this chorus with passion! :)

Today, I just felt like maybe somebody else needed to hear these words of encouragement.

One thing I know for sure… Courage comes from a heart that is convinced it is loved.

Oh, how He loves us!

Are you convinced?

Do you believe it?

Sometimes, in order to know this truth for ourselves, He allows the deep valleys to take shape in our lives.

But with God, nothing is wasted and nothing is impossible!


Our week: in pictures

photo 3 (7)

Boy sees truck and thinks, “I must get that truck.”


photo 2 (14)

Boy gets tired and decides to take a  nap instead.


photo 1 (14)

Dinner and an evening stroll at the River.


Week in pics 011

The kids and I enjoyed another fantastic show at the McCallum Theatre this week.


Week in pics 015

We were treated to some Big Band Jazz, super talented musicians, and a history lesson of the Civil War using music, poetry, prose, and imagery. 


Week in pics 016A

Zach and I sat in our own cushy club chairs. Despite his face in this picture, he loved the show and remained on his best behavior throughout its entirety. 


photo 1 (16)

A little shopping at Old Navy where I just HAD to pick up this hat for him. :)



He always enjoys his story time.


photo (23)

All smiles for Grandma.


Week in pics 017A

Picnic at the library park.


Week in pics 027A

Me and my fedora wearing buddy. Look at those smoochable lips and cheeks!


Week in pics 041A

Happily sucking on an apple slice.


Week in pics 047A

Daddy showing him the big koi fish.



Feeding the animals.


Week in pics 050A

I don’t think turtles care for bread.


Week in pics 052A

Faith’s new friend.


Week in pics 055A

The ducks are aggressive here.


Week in pics 057A

Laughing for daddy.

The weather has been absolutely lovely here in the desert! It’s been in the 80’s during the day with a slight breeze. It’s no wonder there are so many snowbirds flocking here in the winter. We’ve been trying to get out as much as possible to soak in some of this great weather before it gets too warm, come Easter.

Plus, Zachary loves to be outside. Don’t all kids? Mine do. If there’s dirt or water, they seem to find it. And I’m talking about my girls! We’ll see if Zach follows in their footsteps… I’m sure he will. :)

Happy weekend!

The Season of Lent

Dust to Dust

“Lent is a pause button. It is a quiet unlike any other time of year. Lent is a season to close our eyes as the busy world buzzes around us, to consider those things we’d much rather forget: our sin and our humanity. We came from dust, and to dust we will return.”

Today is Ash Wednesday and that means the season of Lent is upon us. Every morning, I looking forward to the devotions from She Reads Truth. For all of us who are drawn to rituals and symbols, this first devotion in the SRT Lent study, called “Suppressing Alleluia” is a great reminder of what Lent is truly about.

Read the rest here and join the community of women at She Reads Truth.