The Iconic Palm Springs Date Shake

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So our recent trip to Shield’s Date Garden inspired me to try making my own date shake. After all, we live in the date capital of the world! If you haven’t been to Shield’s, it’s worth a little trip. It’s kitschy and nostalgic. At least for me it is. My family has been coming to Palm Springs for the past 40 years.

Anyway, the last (and only) time the girls and I tried a date shake, it was extremely rich and sweet. Well of course it was! It’s made with ice cream! I was so glad I only ordered one for the three of us. We couldn’t even finish it! 

Here’s my healthy version. The nice thing about this one… you can enjoy it everyday. :)

Healthy Date Shake 

(makes 2 servings)

1 banana

4 lrg. pitted dates

1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1 tsp. vanilla

1 tsp. cinnamon

1-2 cups ice (depending on how thick you like it)

Blend, blend, blend.

Slurp and enjoy!

Fashion Week 2015

Fashion Week 1

Pretty fancy for a couple of moms on a school night. :)

Here in the desert, it’s Fashion Week on El Paseo. Even though I’ve lived here for almost 9 years, this was my first time attending. I love fashion but the event was never something I had the desire to attend. Until last week when my girlfriend, Melissa told me she had free tickets and asked me if I wanted to go. 

The evening’s show benefitted The Girlfriend Factor, a local organization providing educational grants for women. Plus, it was little black dress night so our attire for the evening was easy to put together. :)

Most of all, we used it as an excuse to catch up on some much needed girl time. In fact, we had so much fun chatting away at dinner, we showed up 40 minutes LATE and almost MISSED the entire fashion show!

We ended up catching a good portion of the end (only because it ran long that night). Turns out, that was the perfect amount of runway fashion for us. ;)

I’m so grateful for the gift of several amazing, gracious, and godly girlfriends in my life. What a treasure they are to me!

And thanks to my beautiful friend, now I can say, “Been there. Done that.”

No. 9

9th B-day 020

Seriously, how can it already be NINE??


9th B-day 001

On Saturday, we biked over to the new IHOP in our neighborhood for their favorite meal of the day… BREAKFAST!


9th B-day 005

Zachy’s first time in a restaurant highchair.


9th B-day 007

Birthday breakfast is the best!


9th B-day 011

Next, Grandma and Grandpa came over bearing gifts.


9th B-day 013

Faith got this “Princess Grace” doll for her sister.


9th B-day 017

Grace got roller blades for Faith.


9th B-day 019

She loved them.


9th B-day 032

Daddy and the girls spent the rest of Saturday filling up water balloons.


9th B-day 0339th B-day 034

The girls requested hot ham and cheese sliders for their birthday so I made 2 large pans to share with friends.


9th B-day 035

Hawaiian Sweet Rolls make these sweet and yummy.


9th B-day 041

The tops are covered in a sauce of Dijon mustard, worcestershire, minced onions, melted butter and poppy seeds before baking. Oohey gooey goodness!


9th B-day 042


9th B-day 043

The water balloons are done and ready for Sunday. Over 200 of them!


9th B-day 036

The beautiful birthday girls are ready for church.


9th B-day 050

After church, we met our friends at the park for a fun day of fellowship and celebrating.


9th B-day 047

Too much cuteness going on here.


9th B-day 058

Let the water balloon toss begin!


9th B-day 061

Careful concentration.


9th B-day 065

Joshua manages with one arm.


9th B-day 067

Trying to figure out which ones might last longer.


9th B-day 069

Sure, I’ll play. As long as I don’t get my sleeping baby wet.


9th B-day 070

Easy does it…


9th B-day 072



9th B-day 075



9th B-day 076

My baby!! It actually didn’t phase him at all. He continued to sleep and probably enjoyed cooling off a bit! :))


9th B-day 079

Next was Tee-ball, using water balloons, of course!


9th B-day 084

Then, the parents lined up and gave the kids a chance to throw balloons at them.


9th B-day 090

Until chaos erupted and it became a free for all.


9th B-day 092

Run, Karen run!


9th B-day 097

Instead of cake, the girls requested Blackberry Cheesecake.


9th B-day 098

Make a wish!


9th B-day 099

Nothing fancy but this is one of the girls’ favorite desserts.


9th B-day 101

Zach practices sitting up and watches the action.


9th B-day 1089th B-day 109

Just because my baby is simply adorable!


9th B-day 106

This year, we kept things very simple. I didn’t have the time to plan like I normally would have liked to but ironically, the girls said it was the BEST BIRTHDAY they ever had! It just goes to show you, good times are made by the love of family and friends. (We missed you, Whites!)

The forecast was supposed to be over 90 but the Lord gave us a reprieve by sending cloud cover and temps in the mid 80’s instead.

Needless to say, the kids had a blast with the water balloons!

Happy Birthday to our two NINE year-olds!! We love you so much!

Although it’s sad to see you grow so quickly, we are also incredibly excited to watch you mature and blossom into who God has created you to be. 

You’re the best thing that ever happened to us and we thank God for the blessing of being your parents.

The Walk at Shield’s

Shield's Garden Walk 006

The kids with Joshua and Elizabeth (and the Shield’s Knight) at the start of the garden pathway.


Shield's Garden Walk 007

The first scene: The birth of Jesus.


Shield's Garden Walk 008

Jesus with the woman at the well.


Shield's Garden Walk 010

The Resurrection.


Shield's Garden Walk 016

A beautiful grass area for the kids to play and run around.


Shield's Garden Walk 011

Jill and Bev enjoying the shade.


Shield's Garden Walk 012

A few of us ladies from my bible study group met up at Shield’s Date Farm to walk the Garden. Apparently, a few years ago, a Canadian couple from Vancouver sold their biblical garden and wanted to relocate these sculptures to the Palm Springs area. The sculptures are scattered throughout the 17 acre date farm and turn the garden pathway into a lovely and reflective journey.

A perfect way to remember the life of Christ during this Lenten season.

Tickets for the Walk are $5 and children are free.

You can also get free tickets by eating at the café or purchasing something at the gift shop.

We’ll definitely be back to enjoy the grounds again. And maybe have a date shake next time, too. :)