20 June 2017

Happy Father's Day

 The morning started out with homemade cards and gifts for Morgan.

 Even Zach got him something. 😉

 Here he is, helping him open it.

A book about daddy and son trucks. 😊

At church, they gave out maple and bacon donuts to all the dads. Surprisingly, Morgan was NOT a fan of bacon on his maple donut. Say what?? He loves the two separately but for some reason, this wasn't his deal. So, the girls and I happily ate it for him. 😋

After church, it was lunch at Tommy Bahama's. My handsome big and little. 😍😍 

 This man is the rock of our family, adored by us all.

A moment in #reallife.

 If there's an escalator in sight, you can be sure Zach will need to ride it multiple times.
Look at their hands. 😂 #likefatherlikeson

Speaking of #likefatherlikeson ...
The rest of the day held naps and the U.S. Open.

We couldn't be more thankful to God for the gift of Morgan. Because of him, our kids see a reflection of God the Father. A God who is loving, kind, just, slow to anger, strong, wise, humble, selfless, disciplines, and pursues his children. Yet in our world today, we rarely see those characteristics anymore in earthly fathers. That's why we don't take Morgan for granted.

He's the BEST of the best and we're so grateful he is ours!

Thank you for loving us and leading us so well, babe.

19 June 2017

Family Picnic and Dinosaurs

 We met my family in Cerritos for a picnic at the park.
It was only 85 degrees compared to 110 here so it was lovely to be outside!

 Eleanor is getting so big already.

Zach loves him some Baby Eleanor. That's what he calls her. 😄

 Cuteness overload!!

 We celebrated my mom's birthday.

 And Madi's, too!

 Sweet time with my family.

 On the way home, we had to stop at the World Famous Cabazon Dinosaurs.
We've driven by them so many times now, Zach knows when they're coming up and points them out.

 Run for your life, buddy!

 Out of the heat, we headed inside for a peek at the gift store.

 The quintessential California road stop! These dinosaurs have had a makeover in recent years but I still remember them from the 70's when my family made frequent trips to vacation in Pam Springs.
Today, just like the windmills, they signal that we are almost home.


Feeling small.

 Windy & hot!

 It was Zach's first visit and he loved them. 
I'm sure we'll be back... when it's cooler!

Next up, Father's Day!

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