12 March 2018

Happy Adoption Day!

Eleven years ago, we were in Korea meeting our girls for the first time!

Many months later, we made it "official" by having our day in court.

Oh my goodness! Can they be any cuter??

They were the sweetest babies with such personality!

Celebrating another adoption day!

The cutest little things ever!

I mean, seriously?!! Can I just have one more day with these two toddlers?

Korean Princesses.

Love them to pieces!

 The best big sisters!

 Growing up!

Ok, now please excuse me while I go cry my eyes out. 😭

Every year, I get sentimental when I post about adoption day but this year, I'm a ball of emotions.
Maybe it's because there's no denying how fast the girls have grown up, especially in these last couple of years. When I look back at these photos, I wonder, "Where has the time gone?"

I honestly wish they could be little again. Even for just one day. Having a toddler now, makes me realize just how precious time is. Time is a gift. It gives us perspective and I will never regret spending as much time with my kids as I have. Thank you, Lord!
It's really true what they say, "The days may seem long but the years are short."

The girls are turning TWELVE in just 10 short days.
Before you know it, we'll have two teenagers in the house!

In our family, we celebrate adoption day (the day we brought the girls home from Korea) by doing something fun as a family. This year, the girls chose...

Ice Skating!!

Our little first time skater. What kind of face is he making?

Walking around in those skates was no problem for this kid.

It was the ice, where he had some problems. 😄 #iceangels.

All of a sudden, his legs were like noodles.

He liked playing on the ice.

Jello legs.


This was daddy most of the time.

Me and my girls.

A family who survives ice skating together, stays together.

He looks much cuter in my beanie than I do. 😍

We celebrated afterwards with a big hot bowl of Pho noodles. #girlschoice 

Someone likes to play with his food.

Then back home for some special treats. #thanksjilly

Happy 11th Adoption and Homecoming Day, girls!

It was and will continue to be one of the best days of our lives.
We love you both more than words can ever say!

03 March 2018

Irvine Regional Park

Seriously. Where does the time go?
I'm finally getting a chance to post about the last day of our mini-vacay that happened two weeks ago.
We spent the day at one of our favorite parks and my brother and his family were able to join us!    

First stop: All aboard the train ride!

This sweet view I had from behind me.

Two dads pointing out all the things to their little ones.

Hello, up there, Kylie & Grace!

Cousins are the best!

Miss Madi was a professional equestrian!
This was her first time ever riding a trotting pony and she loved it! #liladventurer

Snow cones before lunch? Sure, why not! Must be vacation. 😉 

Too bad she has no personality. 😂 Love her!

Always looking for a good tree to climb.

We had to try out the paddle boats.

Turns out it's not as relaxing as it looks and quite a leg work out!

I think Zach had the most fun since he didn't have to pedal. 😜

Double the fun!

We loved spending the day with our family. We picnicked, played football, and just caught up on life.
I'm certain these are going to be some of the sweetest memories for the kids as they grow up.
Family is everything.

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