16 February 2019

Happy Valentine's Day

The children at CBS made these valentines for our local police and fire departments.
Faith and Grace put them all on poster board and we had fun delivering them,
along with a bag of bagels and cream cheese to each department.

 Thanking our local first responders. 

Zach even got to play with the hose. 😄 

 These are the cute Valentine's cards that Zach wanted to give out to his friends at CBS.

 I think he chose to give what he wanted most! 😂

 In the past, we've always enjoyed having a family picnic for Valentine's Day but it's been cold and rainy all week so we just celebrated with small gifts and a special breakfast.

 The Valentine's Day donuts and gifts were a big hit with my loves. 💕💕💕

He melts my heart daily. 💘

And last but not least, I was also blessed to go on a lunch date with my handsome main squeeze.

I love this man of mine and the 3 beautiful kids we get to raise together.
God is so so good!

07 February 2019

Faith & Grace's First Soccer Season

Team KRUSH. ⚽

 Listening to Coach Reyes at halftime.

 Double Purple Power. ⚽⚽

 Sometimes, we'd be up early on Saturdays for games.

 Practicing at the crack of dawn.

 Tatum and the girls. This is also the day when Grace scored the game winning goal. So fun!

 The girls loved it when Ms. Lyndi came to watch them play.

 Grace played as a forward for most of the season.

 Faith played as a defender.

 Sweet friendships were made.

This ended up being the last game in playoffs.
The girls played in the pouring rain that night and even though they lost, they had a blast!

The season started back in September and lasted through mid January. This was the first time playing a team sport for our girls and it was everything we hoped it would be and more. They went into it, not knowing a thing about the game. They quickly developed the skills and the fortitude, to contribute to the team as well as surprise themselves.

Having 15 middle school girls on one team from all different backgrounds made for some wonderful life discussions within our family. The girls got a glimpse into what their peers were like and what the world was into, outside of our conservative homeschool bubble.

It was a great experience for us all. Turns out that playing soccer was the least of what they learned.
They learned more about kindness, determination, teamwork, perseverance, sacrifice, grit, encouragement, and friendship. And they can't wait to do it all over again next season.

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