14 April 2019

San Diego Zoo

 Last week, we met up with other homeschoolers and went on a field trip to the San Diego Zoo.


The Lion and the Lamb. 😄

Zach loved riding on the Skyfari.

 It's been about 6 or 7 years since these two were at the SD Zoo.

We got a great tip to start our trip on the Skyfari since it takes you to the top of the hill.
From there, we walked downhill instead of uphill.

 Grace's favorite animal was the Red Panda.
She remembers doing a report on it in the 4th grade so she was thrilled to see it in person.

 This Panda was having her lunch.

Seal Pup Zach in 2019.

Seal Pups Faith and Grace in 2012.

I felt bad for this polar bear since we were warm and it was only in the low 70's.

 Zach couldn't wait to see the elephants.

 Elephants are his favorite!

 This elephant had a sore on its tail and so we got to watch a zookeeper treat it.

Another trip on the Skyfari!

Love my sweet Grace!

 Making faces at each other.

One of these creatures is wild and free. 😜

The homeschool discount for this field trip was too good to pass up.
And thankfully, with the pro tip of taking the Skyfari, it saved us tons of walking so we were done with the zoo by 3:00 and home for dinner.

We had a lovely weekend in San Diego!

11 April 2019

Mission San Luis Rey

We spent a couple of days in San Diego and made an unexpected stop to visit Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside.

Founded in 1798, Mission San Luis Rey is the largest of the 21 California Missions.

 Currently, it's a home for a community of Franciscan Friars and open daily to the public for tours.  

 The girls had fun remembering their 4th grade mission project.
(Our teenagers looking so grown up now!)

 Zach takes a stroll through the magnificent church.

 Zach walked down a path, straight to Jesus. 💗
I love old cemeteries. The history is just astounding and it makes you feel small.
We were surprised to find out that the mission is still a working cemetery.
Anyone can be buried there. 

 After our little detour to the mission, we had some time to kill before we checked in to our hotel so we headed to the beach.

It was a beautiful day by the ocean.

 Can't beat Southern California in springtime. Sunny and 70!

Next up, the San Diego Zoo!

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