24 October 2018

Cabo Summer Vacation- Part 3

One of things our hotel group offered was something called a Helping Hands Tour. We had prearranged to do this one morning because we wanted to see what life was like for those who live in poverty around the glitzy resorts. We visited the slums where homes where made out of cork and cardboard. In the middle of the slum, the Solmar Foundation had set up a sanctuary for children where they come to learn about the God of the bible and get a free hot meal once a day.

He found a friend.

We also spent some time at a Senior Center in town.

On one of our last days, we took the girls jet skiing.

The really enjoyed it. Especially when we let them drive! 😊

Chillaxin' in the shade.

Hanging out with my little buddy.

Another beautiful day in Cabo.

A walk along the beach after dinner.

We're so grateful for all the wonderful memories we made. It was a blast!
The week was a perfect mix of adventure + relaxation.
Can't wait to do it again!

Cabo Summer Vacation- Part 2

On another day, we took day trip to Santa Maria Bay.

The snorkeling was amazing there.

We saw lots of fish and enjoyed our time there.

Zach went snorkeling for the first time and loved it!
We just let him hang onto the noodle to float and put his head underwater to see the fish.  
That's how the girls learned as well when they were little.

On another day, we ventured out to go parasailing.
Morgan and I have done it before but this was the kids' first time.

The girls rode together.

There they go!

Next, it was the boys' turn.
Poor guy was already exhausted from the day right here.

At first, he protested but like anything else, once he was up in the air, he loved it and wanted to go again.

He said he was "flying like the birds."

I went last by myself.
My loving family decided to have me dipped in the water on the way back in. 😒

And later I discovered this on the camera as well. 😱
Not my sweet Grace!

After a fun day of adventuring, we'd always spend some time relaxing in our resort's pools.
Sometimes, we'd find ourselves there for hours so we'd just order dinner by the pool and call it good.

 One night, we ordered from a local pizza place for the kids and Morgan and I got to enjoy the Sushi Restaurant at our resort by ourselves. The view was almost as nice to look at as my date. 😄 

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