31 March 2013

Marbleized {EDIBLE} Easter Eggs

We tried something new with our Easter eggs this year…

 Cross Hike 020

Cross Hike 023

Cross Hike 029

Cross Hike 030 
A swirly art project.

 Cross Hike 032
Roll the egg in the mixture…

Cross Hike 043A

Cross Hike 051

Cross Hike 058A
Gently wipe off the cool whip mixture after 30 mins.

Cross Hike 064

 Cross Hike 076A

Cross Hike 056A
We also dyed some the traditional way…

eggs 01
I saw this latest version of dyeing eggs on Pinterest using shaving cream but since eggs are porous, I hated the idea of wasting all those eggs. Turns out the Cool Whip version worked just fine and at least this way, the eggs are still edible.
From swirly art project to the final uncovering, the kids enjoyed the whole process. FUN!!   

29 March 2013

Good Friday

Cross Hike 101A

We started our morning with our annual Good Friday hike up to the cross. 

 Cross Hike 106


 Cross Hike 115

  Look at those red hot cheeks!


Cross Hike 114

The only difference this year… The girls beat us- both up and down!  They ran!!


Cross Hike 117

We burned a ton of calories so we treated to ourselves to a huge breakfast at Richie’s.

This was just our appetizer! :)

It’s Friday now, but Sunday’s a comin’!!  Thank you, JESUS!!

‘Til on that cross as Jesus died
The wrath of God was satisfied
For every sin on Him was laid
Here in the death of Christ I live!

28 March 2013

Easter Cross

Easter Cross 046
The girls took a moment from playing outside yesterday and made these simple Easter Crosses.
I think they turned out Glorious!
Easter Cross 032A

Easter Cross 034

Easter Cross 026A

Easter Cross 042

Easter Cross 052

24 March 2013

A Birthday Letter to My Daughters













Dear 7 year-old Birthday Girls,

God knew exactly what He was doing when He said, "SURPRISE, TWINS!!" 

In many ways, we are still surprised. Surprised at His infinite grace, favor, and mercy on our lives.

But then again, God is good... 


You're both changing and growing so fast these days. Truth be told, I marvel at how fascinatingly beautiful you are and I don't want to miss a minute of the beauty of who you are becoming.

Everyday, I realize how much better I am because I have you in my world. I know I'm supposed to be the one teaching you but so often it is you, teaching me about life... and love.

Today, as we celebrate and honor God for creating you, we also take a moment to remember and give thanks to your birth mom- the brave young woman who carried you for 33.5 weeks, making the courageous and selfless choice to give you both a hope and a future. 

May God bless her and keep her, all her days.    

With all my love,

Your mama

Dear Faith

Seven 010

My dearest Faith,

When God made you, He knew you would be smart, compassionate, and wise beyond your years. He made you pensive, purposeful, talkative, friendly, and intentional. He made you to be a blessing.

He also knew you would be quick to show gratitude and have a natural ease at giving others praise. He knew you would enjoy the piano and gave you a deep heart for missions.

You are the girl who cries for injustice and is not afraid to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.   

You are the girl who loves gifts but also told me the other day, the greatest gift you've ever received was Jesus. 

Life is more interesting and beautiful because of you. May the Lord continue to give you courage. Courage to trust in Him and to believe that the path He has for you is good, even when it is hard, and that there is joy and purpose and meaning in His plans for you.

I love you so much, honey!

And I’m so grateful for the heart God is forming in you.



Dear Grace

Seven 004A

My dearest Gracie,

I can't imagine my life without you in it.  You are my sweet, innocent, and free-spirited child. There are no layers to peel with you. You are simply filled with every good and pure thing a little girl could be.

God created you with a generous and selfless heart. You adore your sister and often think of her before you think of yourself. That same heart is also soft and shy. Yet it loves deeply and forgives, easily.

God made you brave. In many ways, you are the bravest person I know. He also gave you a compassionate soul. Your desire to adopt all the orphans in this world inspires us daily to search our own hearts and live life more courageously and sacrificially. 

You are the girl who cries not only for the broken-hearted but also cries countless "happy tears" in your times of simple joy. I pray God would continue to bless you with an ocean of happy tears, my sweet child.

May God bless you with understanding as you choose to bravely walk towards the good plans and purposes He has for you. I get teary-eyed just thinking of how humbly and beautifully your light shines on this side of heaven. 



And that’s a wrap!

Beauty & the Beast 001A

As a finale to birthday weekend, Grandma & Grandpa treated the girls to the live Broadway performance of Beauty & the Beast at the McCallum. Talk about a cherry on top! 

They absolutely loved it!   

The bonus was they got to see it with their cousin Christina, too!

Such sweet fun memories for them all! 

22 March 2013

High Tea at the Mission Inn

High Tea 008A


High Tea 013A


High Tea 014A


 High Tea 018A


High Tea 019A - Copy


 High Tea 026A High Tea 031


High Tea 033A


High Tea 037A


High Tea 049A


High Tea 050

Their new bibles from us.


High Tea 055


High Tea 059


High Tea 072

Exploring the castle.


High Tea 082


High Tea 084


High Tea 085A


High Tea 087

The Rotunda.


High Tea 088


High Tea 091

The Spanish Patio where we had tea.


High Tea 092

They found a door, just their size.


High Tea 094


High Tea 097


High Tea 108

In 1909, this oversized chair was built for President Taft in anticipation of a grand banquet in his honor. (Apparently, Taft weighed 335 pounds). 

This year, we decided to forego having a big birthday party for the girls (although, thanks to family and friends, it seems like we’ve been celebrating all week!). Instead, Morgan and I took them to the historic Mission Inn for Afternoon Tea. 

The Mission Inn was first built in 1876. It has the grandeur of a castle, with the timeless and elegant romance of a fairytale. The architecture was stunning and we enjoyed exploring the enchanting grounds while learning about the points of interest. Over the many years, various United States Presidents and famous literaries that have visited the Inn.

    *Richard & Pat Nixon were married there in 1940 and in 1952, Ronald & Nancy Reagan honeymooned at the historic Mission Inn.

We look forward to going back around the holidays when the entire property is decorated with nearly 4 million lights and Christmas decor. They call it Festival of Lights and apparently, it’s a season of live entertainment, horse drawn carriage rides, and freshly fallen snow!   

Our little tea party on the Spanish Patio was the perfect backdrop for our two lovely little ladies. They were so cute and giddy at the same time. Like most little girls, they loved the idea of getting dressed up, donning their pearls, and having a fancy tea party with mom and dad. In fact, they kept saying, “How did you know we would love this so much?!” 

Um, it’s my job to know, sweet ones.:)

Happy Happy 7th Birthday, Girls!!  

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