28 October 2011


NCL Pearl 474A

Only in Mexico, right?!


NCL Pearl 469A



NCL Pearl 476



NCL Pearl 479



NCL Pearl 482A



NCL Pearl 483



NCL Pearl 495A



NCL Pearl 502B



NCL Pearl 515



NCL Pearl 517A



NCL Pearl 519



NCL Pearl 520



NCL Pearl 521A

They were feeding the fish bread.


NCL Pearl 523



NCL Pearl 531A



NCL Pearl 533A



NCL Pearl 539A

Mini Mariachis.


NCL Pearl 545



NCL Pearl 549ANCL Pearl 556A

They learned how to play shuffleboard.


NCL Pearl 558



NCL Pearl 570

We enjoyed getting to know Delaney and her wonderful family from Nashville.  


NCL Pearl 572A

Sports Court.


NCL Pearl 574

What’s a cruise without ice carving!


NCL Pearl 580A



NCL Pearl 581B

Our last night at sea.


NCL Pearl 589A



NCL Pearl 594A



NCL Pearl 598



NCL Pearl 601A

Oh, the memories!  Our trip was full of some fantastic ones!  The girls said their favorite activities were snorkeling and river rafting.

Since we’ve been home, we’ve all been a bit tired and under the weather but I guess that’s no surprise since we were constantly on the go for 10 days.  The girls have always been and continue to be the best little travelers. 

Thankfully, we’re feeling much better now and finally getting our sea legs back.  What a blessing it was to be able to take this vacation.  The Lord watched over us every step of the way and we are so grateful to Him! 

The weather at home has been superb!  80’s and sunny so no complaints here.  In fact, I went for a run this morning and it was down right COLD! 

Home sweet home… where life is also, GRAND!

27 October 2011

Renewing Our Vows

NCL Pearl 448A



NCL Pearl 446



NCL Pearl 451A



NCL Pearl 456A



NCL Pearl 461A



NCL Pearl 467A

Jamaica might have been full of adventure and new experiences but my favorite memory by far, was renewing our vows.  We had no real plan going into it.  We just wanted to keep it simple, intimate and sweet.  At first, we thought we may do this on a secluded beach somewhere but the weather and location were often unpredictable.

We docked in Cozumel that morning and rather than getting off the ship right away, Morgan visited the ship’s chapel and decided that was the best place.  We started with the most amazing and heartfelt prayer from my husband and then began to read our vows to one another.  We penned these exact words 10 years ago and pledged them for life, in the presence of God and our loved ones.  Only this time, our children got to witness our promises. 

Funny, I cried at the exact same moment where I began to cry at our wedding.  I thought Morgan’s vows were incredible when I heard them then but they meant so much more to me 10 years later.   

After witnessing what mommy and daddy just did, Grace and Faith decided that they wanted to exchange vows to one another as well.  As usual, Morgan was brilliant to suggest that we capture this on video.


Grace to Faith…


Faith to Grace…

Our sweet and precious girls…  SISTERS and BEST FRIENDS for life.  What a gift they are to us! 

We thank the Lord for the last 10 years and for making our family complete.   

I had no expectations when it came to renewing our vows and I wasn’t even sure what it would look like but it turned out PERFECT in every way. 

Truly, a special moment I will never forget. 

26 October 2011

Grand Cayman

NCL Pearl 369A

We always started our day with a good breakfast.  We either ordered room service or sat on the ship’s deck and enjoyed all the amazing breakfast choices.


NCL Pearl 370A

Despite the weather, we tendered our way to Grand Cayman.


NCL Pearl 374A

Swings on Seven Mile Beach.


NCL Pearl 378A

This beach is usually packed but rough seas and the threat of rain kept people away.


NCL Pearl 386A

Nope, not us…


NCL Pearl 387A

Wild chickens roamed the beach.


NCL Pearl 391A



NCL Pearl 392A



NCL Pearl 396A



NCL Pearl 403A

The softest sand! 


NCL Pearl 401A



NCL Pearl 404A

Uh oh…  here comes the rain.  It was a torrential downpour, too.  We left the beach just in time. 


NCL Pearl 406A

Back to the tender and a quick coconut drink.


NCL Pearl 407A



NCL Pearl 412A



NCL Pearl 418A

What a sweet picture with Halmoni!


NCL Pearl 420A

Sad to have our day cut short but we were back on the ship for lunch at the Kid’s CafĂ©.


NCL Pearl 421A

My adorable Faith.  Looking very grown up.


NCL Pearl 423A



NCL Pearl 425A

Traveling buddies.


NCL Pearl 426A

We didn’t have the best weather in Grand Cayman but overall, it was the girls’ favorite island.  They loved playing on the beach and finding the “biggest and most beautiful seashells” they’d ever seen.  They cried when we had to leave early and kept saying, “Isn’t this the most beautiful place?” And, “Can we come back here someday?” 

We found the locals here to be among the friendliest and from what we saw of the island, it was clean and industrious. 

I think a return trip to Grand Cayman will be necessary!   

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