30 October 2010

Harvest Fun Fair

First, a fun look back over the last 4 years...

Age 1- the cutest little pumpkins.

Age 2- lovely little ladybugs.

Age 3- Purrfect Kitty Cats.

And today, age 4- God's little angels.

It's amazing how fast time has flown by. This is our 4th year going to our church's annual Harvest Fun Fair and as always, it's something the whole family looks forward to. Our church does an awesome job by providing a safe and fun environment for the whole community to enjoy. The girls had a blast seeing their friends and eating 4 whole pieces of candy this year! I'm pretty sure it's the most they've ever eaten in one day. :)

Enjoy the rest of the pics!

So sweet!

Heaven sent!

Last minute costume for me. I threw on a mask and called it good. :)

They loved being angels.

Teagan & Trey- a lion and a puppy. Great job making their costumes, Shan!

Forever daddy's angels.



Viv- the cutest little bee.



A gorgeous night!

More friends- Rylan & Hailey.

Faith on a sugar high!


Cobi & Maddy as Piglet & Pooh

Hai & Levi the scarecrow.


Bounce house.

Who needs wings to fly?

Dinner at Las Casuelas- a favorite family tradition.

Lastly, the thing I'll remember most about this year... As the girls put on the finishing touches to their costume, they said, "God sent me here to protect you. Do not be afraid. God will be with you wherever you go."
LOVE LOVE LOVE our girls!!

28 October 2010

Thankful Thursday

* Fall in the desert. 80's and sunny!

* Homemade soups.

* A godly husband who's not perfect but he's perfect for me.

* Digital photo books from Costco. I just made 2!

* My lovely daughters who often minister to me.

* Daily opportunities to grow in love and patience.

* God's living word.

* Spinach and eggs (I've had it 3x's this week).

* Family traditions- looking forward to the Harvest Fun Fair tomorrow followed by dinner at Las Casuelas!

26 October 2010

Week 12

Pre-Math: sorting and counting different items.

Tasting limes.

Haha! I love Viv's face here.

Working on her lemon lime art.

Ll- our letter of the week.


Nice job, Teag!

The kids volunteered to help me with the trash. :)

Going for an exploratory nature walk.

We talked about different emotions today in school so I asked the kids
to make their scary face here.

Along our walk, we played the I Spy game.
We would often stop to talk about what we saw.

Here they are playing "freeze."

Freeze again.

Home sweet home.

Lunch: Make Your Own Tacos

Vivien carefully works on hers.

I was impressed with Teagan's taco making skills. He asked me for salsa, too!



Here's a sneak peek at our Christmas program this year...

25 October 2010


The girls learned their first "knock-knock" joke. I think it's pretty cute!

21 October 2010

Desert Life

Jumping from the spa.


Umm, we were supposed to be eating dinner by this time...

Why YES, they do have still their clothes on! :)

This past week, we've been in our pool twice. The first time was after dinner one night. We were planning to go into the jacuzzi but somehow, ended up jumping in the 78 degree pool, too. The second time, Morgan was doing some yardwork in the backyard and just as I had mentioned dinner would be ready in 10 minutes, I hear a big SPLASH!, followed by laughter, and two giddy little girls. Apparently, they had asked Morgan before jumping in.

Although I think our pool days are over for a while (atleast mine, a little too chilly for me), we are looking forward to the time of year where we enjoy the spa more.

Don't you just love how kids (and husbands) can often teach us the art of spontaneity?

Thankful Thursday

This week, I'm thankful for...

spontaneous moments...

a beautiful home (full of wonderful memories)...

RAIN in the desert!

TJ's reduced guilt/fat free brownie mix (with PEPPERMINT ice cream).

the joys and challenges of homeschooling.

my dear husband.

Psalm 91.

What are you thankful for?

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