26 July 2013

Psalm 23

Earlier in the summer, the girls enjoyed writing out Psalm 23 for copywork practice. To be honest, I’ve always wanted to memorize all 6 verses of this Psalm myself, so it worked out nicely for all of us.

One day, the girls were playing with daddy’s old shepherd costume so naturally, we decided to make this little video.

“I know of no other single practice in the Christian life more rewarding, practically speaking, than memorizing Scripture.” ~Chuck Swindoll

22 July 2013

Puerto Vallarta Part 4 and Recap

PV 422

This was our balcony, overlooking the beach.


PV 423

Ready for another day of adventuring.


PV 429

View of Los Arcos.


PV 440A


PV 442


PV 444

Breathtakingly beautiful!


PV 449

Snorkeling trip to Los Arcos.


PV 452


PV 462


PV 463


PV 473A


PV 475

“Bye, mom!”


PV 489

We had bread so the fish came right up to us.


PV 496A


PV 500

Boat ride under a cave. Look at how brown my babies are. 


PV 508

Picture perfect.


PV 513

Back at Lindo Mar for some lunch and more snorkeling.


PV 524

The girls’ bounty of seashells.


PV 543


PV 544

Hasta Luego, PV!

8 days. A new country, culture and language. Friendly people. Lots of fun.

Apparently, it’s the rainy season in Mexico. However, it only rained 2 nights we were there and thankfully, it didn’t hamper our trip one bit. In fact, it made for spectacular greenery and a very cool thunder and lightening storm.

Highlights include:

  • Swimming with Dolphins
  • Zip-lining jungle tour
  • Snorkeling at Los Arcos & Conchas Chinas
  • The amazing food and view at Lindo Mar Restaurant @ Conchas Chinas
  • Daily massages at the spa for me and Morgan

Yes, you read that right… daily.

We enjoyed some amazing first-time experiences on this trip. Receiving daily massages was certainly one of them. This was part of the special rate we paid (which was already a steal because of the low season). In other words, 2 daily massages were included, FREE.

I know, kind of hard to believe until it actually happens, right?

Well, it did happen. And it was wonderful!!

This trip was a fantastic mix of new adventures and plenty of rest. We slept great, ate well, practiced our Spanish, and relished the time we had as a family to soak it all in.

The girls have always been superb travelers. We hope they never lose their adventurous spirit and their sense of wonderment.

We figured this is probably one of the last international trips we’ll be taking for a little while.

So very GRATEFUL for it all.  

21 July 2013

Puerto Vallarta Part 3

PV 292

Ready for another adventurous day!


PV 295A

Christian, our waiter at La Canoa was great. We ate breakfast there 3x’s!!


PV 312

Making homemade tortillas.


PV 316

Getting harnessed for our canopy tour.


PV 318

Let the zip lining adventure begin!


PV 320A

We hiked through the jungle, up a steep mountain, zipped along 10 zip lines, saw some gorgeous scenery, and sweated our tails off!. YES, it was worth it!!


PV 321A


PV 322

Not a clear picture but that’s Grace zipping through the forest.


PV 332

Back to our favorite spot at Conchas Chinas. The girls are out there alone, snorkeling… somewhere.


PV 336

Forever ruined by this view and the most amazing chicken fajitas on the planet.


PV 340

Master potter, Vicente fired the girls’ painting pieces and they turned out so beautiful! What a fun souvenir!  It was also great to talk with him about the gospel and compare scripture in different languages. Fun!   


PV 351


PV 354


PV 356-001


PV 358


PV 359-001

Enjoying the many colors of the sunset at The Malecon (the downtown boardwalk).


PV 381A


PV 382


PV 386


PV 393


PV 416

Night time exploring on the beach.


PV 418


Last blog post on PV coming up with highlights and a recap! 

Dolphin Swim Adventure

Patricio (104)A


Patricio (28)A


Patricio (38)A


Patricio (41)


Patricio (44)


Patricio (47)


Patricio (49)A

Morgan found a new dance partner.


Patricio (51)



Patricio (53)


Patricio (62)


Patricio (63)

We actually got to hang on to the dolphin while he took us underwater and swam. So very cool!!


Patricio (64)

Coming up for air... AMAZING!!!


Patricio (78)

Grace glides through the water on her new dolphin friend.


Patricio (86)

Faith hangs on for a fun ride.


Patricio (112)


Patricio (131)


Patricio (132)


Patricio (137)


Patricio (89)

This was truly a highlight for all of us. The dolphins were incredibly friendly, gentle, and huge!! The girls absolutely LOVED this experience.

Truth be told, we did too!

Such fantastic memories!!

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