25 April 2016

Hailey's Birthday Lunch

Celebrating this dear one's birthday!

The Sunday Funday Birthday Lunch Crew continues!

Mexican food, lovely gifts, and the girlfriends you hold so dear. I can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon. What a JOY it was to celebrate Hailey and this last year of her 30's!

She's always been one very special woman in my life and I am so blessed to have called her my friend for the past 9 years. Happy Birthday, Hailey! We love you! Xoxo

And our sweet and talented Jill made us all Boston Crème Pie in a jar (the birthday girl's request).

Since I was already stuffed from all the guacamole and chips, I brought mine home for the family. As you might have guessed, Morgan and the girls devoured it immediately. Thanks, Jilly! You always make getting together EXTRA special. :)

And I heard it was delish!

17 April 2016

When a vacation is still months away...

Desert Springs always makes us feel relaxed.

 Zach meets a giant flamingo.

The girls are getting so big!

 Our little ladies are growing up!

 We were craving sushi. Yum!

Me and my little man.

He can eat my face any day.


He had fun exploring the resort.

Too bad the boats weren't running.

 So proud of these two.

 Blessed to be their mama.

Family night out was a success!

Just ask these three. :)

Life’s demands have kept me pretty busy over the last couple of weeks so unfortunately, blogging has been on the back burner. Morgan and I would love nothing more than a quiet and relaxing family vacation but alas, we’ve got some big things coming up in the next couple of months so for now, a vacation has to wait.

Still, once in a while, you just have to make time to get out and enjoy. Thankfully, for us, we can always pretend to be on vacation when we visit one of our favorite local resorts.

Being that it's Coachella weekend, we weren’t sure if the hotel was going to be packed. To our surprise, the festers must have all been at the concert because even though the parking lot was full and the hotel was sold out, the place seemed virtually empty to us.

Thank you, Lord! :)

We enjoyed every minute of our pretend vacation (and happily slept well in our own beds, too!).

04 April 2016

La Quinta Library and Civic Center Park

The girls love to visit one of their favorite places, our local library.

Zach doesn't go too many places without his ball.

Feeding the ducks and fish.

So fun to have Halmoni with us.

Faith, the Duck Whisperer.

Beautiful day in the desert!

My mom also stayed with us for a couple of nights back home. It was nice to be able to take her to our local spots and enjoy the fantastic 80 degree weather.

What a blessing that our Spring Break was filled with the best of the mountains, the best of the desert, and precious moments with Halmoni.

Thank you for spending the week with us, Mom!

02 April 2016

Big Bear and Spring SNOW!

We got a couple of inches of snow overnight.

 I just love the backyard view from the cabin.

Mom on the deck, taking in the views.

Grace warms up with a cup of hot chocolate.

Zach with his bed head. :)

Scooping his own cereal.

Grace throwing snow on the door for Zach.

Hooray for snow!!

 So nice to have Halmoni join us!

 Faith gets a face full of snow.

 Making memories together.

Zach's first steps in the snow. (He does not like the cold!)

Grace found an icicle.

 Daddy and the girls sledding.

 Love the fact that we don't have to go anywhere to sled.

Zach tries it out, too.

 We met a fluffy little friend.

Hanging out in front.

Teaching Halmoni how to play shuffleboard.

 Reading lots of books.

 Zach loved to watch from the couch.

Sisters playing each other.

 Another view of the back from downstairs.

The girls always enjoy playing the classic video games.

Zach tries on sissy's snow boots.

 The next day, we actually got more snow and it was so lovely to see it fall.

 Hanging out with his favorite person in the world, dad.

 View from inside as the snow kept falling.

 The next morning.

 More big icicles.

 Laughs with Halmoni.

Love you, mom!

 Playing rock, paper, scissors.

We spent a couple of nights at the cabin over Spring Break and we were so happy Halmoni agreed to join us. The spectacular bonus was that we got SNOW! We couldn't have asked for more beautiful scenery. This was a special time with my mom because it was not only her first time visiting the cabin, it had been YEARS since she had seen snow.

We all enjoyed her company and the delicious Korean food she brought to share.

Special memories were made, for sure!

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