17 November 2014

The Scripture Quilt

Scripture Quilt
Who doesn’t love a great comfy quilt? Especially one that’s handmade just for you! I’m happy to have received a few different quilts as gifts for Zachary. Each one is definitely special in their own way but this one in particular is especially personal and meaningful.
At 33.5 weeks old, Zachary took a turn for the worse when the MRSA spread to his lungs. All of a sudden, my updates to family and close friends went from being occasional, light and joy-filled to urgent, pressing, and intentional.
Throughout the duration of his stay in the NICU (miraculously, only 5 more weeks), I clung to God’s Word day and night. I relied on every promise He ever spoke and hoped beyond hope.
Depending on what was going on with Zach, my updates would often include scripture inspired by the Holy Spirit. Truthfully, I began including scripture in my updates, mainly because I was the one who needed to be reminded of God’s love and His promises. However, as only God can do, He used His powerful Living Word to inspire others as they prayed in earnest for us and followed us through this trial.
This special quilt was a gift from the Leadership Team at CBS. My dear sisters were fierce Prayer Warriors through this trial. I have no doubt, the prayers they offered were both instrumental and relentless.
My sweet and multi-talented friend, Jill was responsible for making this amazing quilt and hand stitching each and every one of these precious scriptures. 
All the scriptures that I included in my updates regarding Zach!
I know… I KNOW!!
I brought the gift home and opened it in front of Morgan…
Needless to say, we were both in TEARS!
Other than Zachary himself, what a humbling reminder of our gracious and faithful God!
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Yes! Amen!!

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