10 November 2014

Camping & Uncle Ben’s Race

JV Camping 009
Uncle Ben and Aunt Lucy’s new toy hauler.

JV Camping 016
She’s a spacious and comfortable beauty, too!

JV Camping 002
Faith is ready for some adventure.

JV Camping 004
They love to climb the rocks.

JV Camping 003
Zach was bored and tired.

JV Camping 014
Grace looks serious.

JV Camping 012
We loved all the wide open spaces for riding.

JV Camping 013
There she goes…

JV Camping 015
Faith didn’t feel too well but she couldn’t let her sister have all the fun either.

JV Camping 018
Fun toys for the “big” and little kids.

JV Camping 025
This is when Grace crashed and jumped off onto the rocks... she’s gutsy. Like father, like daughter.

JV Camping 01
Zach and mama hanging out. I think he liked hearing all the bike engines. Vroooom!!!!!!!

JV Camping 03
Soon enough, buddy! He’ll probably be my little dirt bike baby.

JV Camping 06
Praying before the race.

JV Camping 08
Zach representin’ with his KTM orange.

JV Camping 09
Is the race over yet? Did I miss anything?

JV Camping 07
Congrats, again Ben! I think this is his 5th 1st place finish! His friend, Mike raced in his first race and placed 4th or 5th. Great job! And if Morgan was up for it, you’d better believe he’d be in the race, too! For now, we’re happy to come out and support Ben any way we can.

JV Camping 05
Big and “little” Ben.
While Morgan’s still trying to get back into race shape, Ben’s been racing and winning, time and time again! It’s been great fun for Morgan to tag along and be his brother’s wing man. In the meantime, we’re also taking the opportunity to introduce Zach to camping.
(Although I don’t know if you can call it “camping” when you’re blessed with such luxury!) Winking smile
Zach did well on his first camping adventure and slept a good deal. It was Faith that had a bit of trouble. Poor thing got sick overnight and threw up for the first time ever. Morgan and Ben spent the better part of the night cleaning up vomit everywhere. Thankfully, she felt better the next day but nevertheless, the new rig is now officially, “broken in.” Sorry about that, Ben.
Hope we’re welcome again! 

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