25 July 2016

Big Boy Haircut

Our little guy was looking a little shaggy with his hair growing out so it was time for another haircut.

This time, he went to a real men's barbershop.

Getting all cleaned up.

His first BIG BOY haircut!

 So handsome!


Big sisters and tickles.

Ready to tackle the world!

 Precious little man.

That scrunchy face gets me every time. :)

Such a cutie pie!

Zach has been always blessed with some great hair (and lots of it!). It was finally time to cut off all the baby curls and go with a shorter, easier, boy cut. Plus, we're going on vacation next month and we wanted an easy haircut for him. For the first time since he was a baby, we can now see more of his face (and ears!).
Needless to say, I'm in love!


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