18 November 2013

War Paint: Are You Ready For Battle?

vintage war paint

Affectionately, I’ve been known to call makeup, War Paint.

For me, wearing makeup on any given day (and getting dressed in something other than stretchy yoga pants) can make the difference between feeling blah and feeling ready.

It’s amazing how simple this concept really is.

Think about it: Would we ever show up for a job looking like we had just rolled out of bed?

How would that make us feel? 

Might I suggest: frazzled, unprepared, half-hearted?

For the first few years of motherhood, I only wore makeup 2 times/week (to church and Mom2Mom). The rest of the week, I went au naturale. I’d manage to take a shower (most days) but otherwise, I went to the grocery store, had play dates, and spent the majority of my days, makeup free.

At the time, spending an extra few minutes on myself seemed unimportant.

At the time, it was unimportant.

After all, I was caring for babies who quickly turned into toddlers. They needed lots of smooching and cuddling and constant attention.

However, this was a season. There comes a time when us stay at home moms must choose to engage and stand armed on the battlefield.

This might look a little different for each of us.

For example, prior to having kids, if you were never the makeup wearing type and your M.O. was more of a natural beauty, perhaps your war paint might have less to do with lipstick and more to do with taking a shower or brushing your teeth? You get the point.

Reflection starts with our attitude, not necessarily in the mirror.

A little back story: I have actually always enjoyed wearing makeup and feeling somewhat put together. For me, I feel it brings out my femininity. Heck, when we feel good, we smile more and when we smile more, that holds great power in the world.

I met a woman recently who had 4 young children at home. She said she was considering getting a part time job because she missed getting dressed in the morning and having somewhere to go.

May I suggest that when we spend a few extra minutes putting on some makeup or wearing real clothes, it reminds us (and our children) that we have an interest in coming to work fresh and prepared for the ministry of motherhood. It can also dramatically affect the way we go about our day. 

Think of it:

To the unbelieving world, joy can speak volumes without saying a single word.


Of course, there’s a balancing act in all of this. We must be on guard against legalism, self-centeredness, pride, and vanity. In other words, don’t spend the whole morning in the bathroom trying to look your best. Be realistic. Save the extra pampering for date nights with your hubby.

Speaking of our hubbies...no doubt they love us with or without our war paint. However, I’m no expert but I think it’s safe to say that every man appreciates some effort from their wives now and then.

Truth be told, some days just warrant yoga pants and oily hair, don’t they? I’ve been there.

(In fact, I was just there last week!) 

Let’s just not reside there permanently. 

So, how about you?

Are you ready for battle?

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