02 November 2016

Community Halloween Party

This time, the girls switched costumes. :)

Headed to our neighborhood park.

Cotton Candy.

Bounce houses!

He kept going in and out all night!

Look at my little guy jumping in the back. :)


October skies are so lovely!

 Faith, my brave girl.

Grace, regal and royal.

Sisters. They'll always be trading clothes. :))

If you need a dog walker, Zach is your man.

Loving the clouds lately!

Bouncing with sis.

Hi mom!

Morgan explaining what to do with cotton candy. Thankfully, Zach had no interest.

But he does love his flags!

One of these girls brought her flag from color guard.

Zach found another toy he's crazy about.

And walked everyone's dog in the park.

He played games.

And broke through caution tape.

The girls were having a blast with their little friend, Gracie.

More games...

This is how they won candy and prizes.

More bounce house fun.

Each year, our neighborhood community hosts a Halloween party in our greenbelt/park area for all the residents. They grill up burgers and hot dogs. They serve snow cones and cotton candy. They have game booths and bounce houses. And this year, they even had a movie at night.

It's a fun way to get the kids together (we have quite a few kids in our neighborhood) and of course, be neighborly. :)

The kids had the BEST time!!

And Zach ate his first hot dog. :)

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