03 November 2016

Halloween 2016

So, on Monday (Halloween Day), at co-op, the kids got to dress up as "heroes."
Heroes could be superheroes or historical figures.
Faith decided to make an easy costume of Mary and Grace went as Sacajawea.

 I wanted to give Zach some more freedom of movement during play time so instead of Superman, I just threw on this Captain America tank and called it good. He likes to play in the sandpit. :)

For trick or treating, Faith made yet another costume change...
She looked adorable!
This is actually my old college uniform and pom poms.
Oh, my!!

I actually wore it to a costume party in my early 30's. That's when Morgan dressed up in his old football uniform. :)     

 Grace decided to be the Roman Princess for the night and Zach was back to his super self.

 Look at that gigantic grin on Zach's face. He was just so happy to be going out!

 Visiting with our neighbors, Nikki and David.

My Supermen!

Morgan took the kids trick or treating for an hour while I stayed home and passed out candy. For the first time in 10 years, it was actually a COOL night! Usually, we're still sweating on Halloween.

And by the time they came back, I had totally ran out of candy. We had a ton of trick or treaters this year.

The kids had a great night visiting friends' homes throughout our neighborhood. The girls came home, dumped out their stash on the table, and quickly began negotiating their trades. :)

I'd say we pretty much milked this costume thing for 3 days!

Zach's first Halloween is officially in the books. :)

Fun memories, for sure!

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