04 November 2016

A SURPRISE birthday!

Look who's 40!!

A couple of weeks ago, we had everyone over for our monthly Family Fellowship & Prayer (FFP). It also happened to be the week of Ben's birthday. As he walked in, we had balloons waiting, festive party accessories for him to wear, and we all yelled, "Happy Birthday!"

He had NO IDEA we were going to do this so it came as quite a surprise. In fact, I'm not sure who was more surprised? Ben, as he came through the door or all of us, who quickly found out he was NOT turning the BIG 4-0?!!
Say, what???!!!

Turns out I missed a couple of years somewhere. He was actually turning 42!!
Hence, the 2 next to his glasses. Major fail on my part! :P

Oh my, we all laughed so hard!

Karen and her birthday boy.

Oh well, I tried. :)

So sweet watching Joe play with Zach.

No party is complete without a piñata!

After Mexico, Zach's pretty much a pro now. :)

He loves his bat, too.

Ellie taking a whack at Darth Vader.

Janette and little Paislie.

Elizabeth and Melissa.

Joe, Rory, and Brandon.

Me, Grace, and Jacob.

Mr. Natividad (Melissa's dad) , Aubrie, Faith, Grace, and Jacob.

Faith making sure Jacob can't see.

Her turn.

Ben was last to go.

Look at his hat now!


Candy for all.

Ben was a great sport. He proudly wore all those accessories the whole time.

Our gang (minus Karen, who was graciously taking the picture).

We are so blessed by how FFP is developing each month. 
It's been a sweet time of encouragement, prayer, and sharing a meal together. I love that it allows our children to see how important it is to gather together regularly, pray for one another, and encourage eachother through whatever circumstances we might be facing.

It's also been so great for me to host and let go of some of my perfectionist tendencies. I'm learning to open my home whether it's messy or clean, whether I've spent the time making the food myself or purchased the store bought pizza.

It's not about how my house is decorated or serving matching plates and utensils. In fact, I'm striving for simple yet meaningful these days. Simple always make people feel welcome.   

I want our home to be a haven. A place where people feel warm and comfortable. A place where memories are made and love is felt.

I'm so thankful for the opportunity to practice these things each month! What a blessing to do life with these friends! Friends who laugh with you and show you grace when you've lost your (old) mind! :P

Can I be 40 again, too?

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