01 November 2016

Fall Spectacular

We have a Roman Princess, Sacajawea, and Superman.

Faith designed her own costume from pieces of old costumes.
She even made a mini version of herself. She's so creative!

They are the CUTEST!!
(and the girls are wearing my earrings... and makeup!)

So sweet!

Come on, Superman.

Checking out the scene.

Superman meets Captain America (a.k.a. our friend, Todd).

The girls loved this Star Wars decor and theme.

Even Superman needs a little help sometimes. :)


"If I could only bend these bars or fly!" ;)


Still young enough for a carousel ride. :)

My little super hero.

Fun rides.

Sisters who go on rides with you, even though she can't stand them. #nowthatslove

What GREAT memories!

Ok, so I admit this is kind of weird for me but I've got not one, not two, but THREE Halloween posts to blog about.
I KNOW!!! This is what happens when you have a toddler in your life. :) #letthembelittle

So on Friday night, we went to our old church's "Fall Spectacular" and it did NOT disappoint. It was so fun to see some of our old friends. Plus, it was perfect. This year, they only had two big carnival type rides. One for the little kids and another for bigger kids. We stayed about an hour, collected some candy, and then went to dinner at Las Casuelas. For many years when the girls were little, this Halloween event and Mexican food afterwards was our Halloween tradition as a family. It brought back so many sweet sweet memories!

In fact, let's take a little walk down memory lane, shall we?

 The girls' first Halloween. They were 19 months old.
Our little pumpkins!

Grace's first sucker.

Then they were little ladybugs.

 And kitty cats!

And the sweetest Lil' Angels!

Then we dressed up as Cowboys and Indians.

And NOW, Grace is wearing MY Indian costume!

Wow! Time, please stop.

 Other notables:
Halloween in Santa Barbara (daddy had a business trip).

And serving at the Jordan Outreach Harvest Carnival.

The point is: Pretty soon, the girls will grow out of dressing up or even wanting to do things like this.
(I doubt it because they're really young at heart and they have Zach but you know what I mean!!)
THEY'RE GROWING UP SO FAST!! So I'm soaking it all in and enjoying these precious moments with my bigs, as well as making new memories with my little.

Speaking of my little, can we just talk about how cute he is?! Oh, my!!!

 Many months ago, I picked up this costume at a yard sale for $3.
It was the perfect costume for my super boy!

That night, a friend who hadn't seen him in a while said, "Wow, he's looking so... healthy."
To which Morgan replied, "Um yeah.... he's Superman." :P

 Enjoying his first sucker. :)

He also went on his first ever bounce house and had the time of his life!

And then he stuffed his face with guacamole and chips afterwards.

The tradition lives on. :)

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