31 July 2015


Footgolf 01

Yeah, it’s a thing. Think soccer, on a golf course. The object of the game is to kick the ball in the cup with the fewest number of shots.


Footgolf 02

Silly faced kids!

We live in the golf capital of the world so of course, this makes sense, right? When the girls were invited to play an afternoon of footgolf at Desert Willow, we happily said, “YES, please!”

Morgan took the girls to meet up with our friends. I wonder if the kids or the dads had more fun? ;)


Footgolf 03

After playing 9 holes in the heat, the kids enjoyed a cool and refreshing lemonade in the clubhouse. Life is rough! :)

(And thanks, daddy for the pictures! I didn’t even have to ask for them).

He knows me too well. ;) 

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