03 August 2015

Weekend at the Lake

kayak 01

The girls had the best time exploring beautiful Boulder Bay!



Zach was happy to be outdoors, too.


kayak 02

Daddy showing the ropes to his littlest adventurer. 


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Enjoying her freedom and independence.


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Smooches from mommy.


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Enjoying the view and my darling boy!



A random meeting of their Tae Kwon Do buddy, Connor.



Back at the cabin. Breaking in the grill.



Steak kabobs for dinner. They were yummy!


sunset BB

A beautiful ending to a fantastic day.

Although we LOVE the beach, we don’t love the LONG drive home. At least at the cabin, there’s a lake. And, a place to relax and spend the night. We still have lots of projects to complete but at least for now, we can also enjoy it, especially as a way to escape the heat!

The girls had the time of their lives on the lake. Their day was filled with adventure, freedom, excitement, and just plain silliness. The bonus: their friend, Connor and his family showed up right next to us! The three of them became inseparable.

What a blessing to be making these summer memories!

By the way…

When did it become AUGUST already?!!

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