21 July 2015

Tae Kwon Do

TKD 03

The girls have also been taking Tae Kwon Do this summer. It’s so fun to do it with friends!

For years, we’ve been asking them if they wanted to do it but they’ve always declined. Morgan took them to observe a class a few weeks ago where they actually got to participate. The Sensai worked them hard and we thought for sure, they would say no but they were hooked, despite the pain! :)

Now, they look forward to it every Monday and Wednesday night!

It’s been a GREAT way to get in some P.E. during our hot summer months, too!

The girls have committed to going for the long term, so we invested in the costumes uniforms. ;)


TKD 02

They were SO excited to wear them this week!


TKD 01

With those smiles and dimples, they’re just too cute to look tough! :)

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