14 March 2017

Revolutionary War Field Trip

 The girls were ready for the morning.

 The "muskets" were lined up.

 Each township reporting.

 The actors were amazing!

Making biscuits and butter.

 Zach kept himself busy around the farm.

 The mock trial was one of the girls' favorite parts.

 This young lad is GUILTY... of stealing hearts! 😍

Best buddies for life.

 Naughty boy. 😨

 Naughty daddy! 😠

 Colonial games.

 Hoop and stick.

 Zach wanted to play, too.

 He loved it!

 The General preparing his soldiers for battle.

 Some of the kids were more into it than others. 😮

Zach just making sure the general was staying in line. 😉

My little soldier.

 Cute little thing!

 Peek a boo!

Taking a rare break to feed the ducks.

The girls received their soldier's ration: cheese, beef jerky, cornbread, an apple, and lemonade.

 Cheers to vintage Huckleberry Soda.

 Me and my baby.

Picnicking in the shade.

 Beautiful spring blossoms.

 Taking their posts for battle.

In conclusion: Reminding everyone of the sacrifices made and the cost of freedom.

 So fun!

That's a wrap to a fantastic family day!

Riley's Farm always does an amazing job with their field trips. We really appreciate the work it takes to re-create colonial life, while making it fun and interactive for the kids. The actors were terrific and we felt it was well worth it for our whole family. Thanks to daddy for taking the day off to join us!

We recently studied about the people of the Revolutionary War so this was just the icing on the cake. I love experiences like this where history is not just dry information in books but it becomes LIVING HISTORY!

The field trip is geared towards 5th graders but kids of surrounding grades would enjoy it as well. Zach did not participate in any of the stations with the girls but he sure had a blast exploring around the farm with daddy.

For our family, Riley's Farm is a very special place. It's where we go to enjoy all the seasons. It's where we've picked apples, pumpkins, and berries. It's where we celebrate special occasions and remember those who have gone before us. Honestly, some of our best memories have been made there. And we're so thankful for yet another fun day, filled with many more sweet memories!

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