05 July 2017

Independence Day

 Gotta love patriotic bunting!

 Found us some shade and we sure did need it!

Fun to see the Hambly's and picnic together.

 My sweet almost 3 year old.

 Faith made some great shots and had excellent aim.  

 Better than me, that's for sure! 😡

My boys in blue.

Sarah and I, enjoying a short moment of adult conversation.

 Why yes, that is a GOAT pulling a cart with two little girls in it.

The reading of the Declaration of Independence.

 He loves his flag. #oldglory

 And... we're back at the petting zoo because someone insisted on seeing animals because we were at Riley's "Farm." Guess who??

 This kid would love farm life.

 He could have stayed all day.

 Checking out the fishing pond.

 Enjoying the shade.

Our three firecrackers. 🎇🎇🎇

So, most of the time, we try to be intentional about holidays for our children, especially patriotic ones.
In other words, instead of letting the day go by as just an extension of a long weekend (nothing wrong with that!), we hope to instill the reason behind why we celebrate the holiday as well.

In our family, 3/5 of us came to America as babies from another country but we have always known this land as our own. A place where we can reach our fullest potential, experience extraordinary opportunities, and best of all, live free.

In 1973, my parents came to America with 2 kids, $300, and a heart full of dreams. They didn't know the language but they had to learn. They went to school, started businesses, bought a home, worked for major corporations, and sent both of their kids to college.
America has been good to us.

Sometimes, today in our cynical and self-made world, I think it's easy to forget the cost of freedom and how truly blessed we are to live here. I, for one, am grateful. Grateful to God for predetermining our lives and placing us here, together, in history, for such a time as this. And I'm grateful to the brave men and women who have given their lives and continue to protect and sacrifice for the people of this country. People who may not have even been born here, but for those who love this country and what it stands for.

May God continue to bless America and shed His grace on thee.

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