07 July 2017

Zachary Turns THREE!

The morning started when all four of us, entered his room together shouting, "Happy Birthday!"
He certainly was a happy boy!

Later, I snapped a few pictures of our newest three year old.

Warning:  There might be a exorbitant amount of pictures on this post. What can I say? I wanted to remember them ALL! Don't say I didn't warn you. 😄

 I love how each one of these pictures shows his little personality. Or should I say, BIG personality!

Oh, Zachary. You have my heart and you will always be my baby.

Later in the day, I made these individual trifles. Remember, Zach's not crazy about most cakes but we recently learned that he loves Sara Lee's Pound Cake. Yup, that classic cake that comes in the tin, right out of the freezer section. And who can blame him, right?

Mama and her boy. #pleasefreezetime

Later in the afternoon, when dad came home, he opened his gifts from all of us.
This puzzle (complete with sound effects) was a gift from Grace.

Books from mom and dad.

Heffalump from Winnie the Pooh is another one of his favorites!

Thank you, Ms. Marsha! He loves it and he's already singing the song.

And a mini, very LOUD fire truck from Faith. Apparently, you can't have too many fire trucks! 😜

Sibling love.

The gifts were sweet and he loved them all but these little notes from his big sisters are treasures!

I cried when I read Grace's note. She has the sweetest heart for him!

He adores his big sisters!

He spent some time playing with his balloons.

Where's Zachy?

There he is!!

You guessed it! It had to be his favorite for dinner... PIZZA!

Then it was time for an evening swim.

Monkey-crawling his way around the pool.

Look at that cute face!! I could kiss it all day! 😍

Blowing bubbles.

Patiently waiting for the birthday boy.

He even looks like he's three here!! 😱
(Always the protective hand of his sister)

Waiting for just the right time...

Ready... And....



Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

Ok, so he didn't care for the pudding part of the trifle I made (I sort of guessed that), so I had some plain pound cake ready just in case. He came in from swimming, sat right there on the floor and ate TWO pieces before heading up to take a bath and calling it good. Talk about an easy-peasy birthday cake for mama! 👊 And all those who don't bake said, "Amen!"

After taking a bath, daddy said he had one last gift for him to open.
When Zach opened it, he kept saying, "Oh, wow. Awesome!"
Fun fact: Morgan picked this up in April at a yard sale... for $5. #score

They put it together in a flash and Zach even stayed up a few minutes later and played with it a little while before happily going to bed with a full heart.

Dear Zachary,
I didn't think I'd get so emotional when I held you and prayed over you the last night before you turned three but there I was, incredibly grateful, sappy, and on the verge of no longer holding my baby. I can hardly believe that you are three!! It's been quite the adventure already hasn't it, son?

You are passionate, determined, playful, sweet, and all kinds of LOUD. You talk ALOT. I thought boys were supposed to be quiet? You love fire trucks, airplanes, trains, and all the heavy machinery. You are absolutely crazy about riding your bike, BMX and Mickey Mouse. You enjoy reading, music, and singing. Your favorite color is red. You like most fruits, especially bananas. You could easily survive on just peanut butter sandwiches, pizza, and water!

You bring so much joy and adventure to life! You keep us young and give us gray hair, all at the same time! We're so thankful to God (and your birth mom) for the privilege of being your forever family. 

 You are one very loved and special boy! 

Happy Birthday, son!

May God continue to bless you and grow you strong in Him.  

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