16 July 2017

Zach's Beach Bash!

Whew! It's been a busy week over here! We just got back from a week out of town so I'm just now catching up from last weekend. Even though we had a low key family celebration for Zach at home during the week, we also wanted to celebrate with our friends. This year, we combined his birthday party with our Annual Beach Day and it worked out great!  

Scoping out the surf.

We had two large pop-up tents for shade and set up a table with minimal decorations.
I wanted to keep it as easy as possible with the beach itself being the main focus. Plus, when you have kids, it always seems like you bring half your house to the beach anyway! I was going for #lessismore 😊  

Our sweet birthday boy.

 Snuggles for mama.

 Grace and Caleb, probably digging to China. 😜

 Wherever daddy is, you can be sure Zach is close behind.

 One of them is really serious about boogie boarding. 😄

Caught these six as they were just coming in from riding some waves.

The kiddie pool was a big hit with these cute girls.

 Look who joined us? Aunt Jen, Bryan (not pictured), and Mitchell! So glad they could come!

He likes a good sweet watermelon. #justlikehismama

 Love these girlfriends (and the wee one in the middle, too!).

 3/4 of the Blodgett family enjoying some shade.

 Pizza, anyone?

Having hot pizza delivered to the beach was spectacular! #dominos #deliverstothebeach

 Gathering everyone to sing Happy Birthday!

 Trying to light his own candle.

 My patriotic boy with flags on his cake.

 If you want to see the video of us singing happy birthday to him, check out my Instagram video at the bottom of the blog. His expression and smile is just too precious!

Happy boy!

 My sweet girlfriend (the fabulous and talented master baker), Jill made 3 of the BEST COCONUT CAKES you have ever tasted in your whole life! Other than that Sara Lee pound cake I mentioned before, this is the ONLY cake Zach has ever requested more of. And let me tell you, it was to die for! Almost everyone had a second piece, even Zach! It was THAT good. Thank you for blessing us, Jill! We love you! 💝🍰

Our little guy completes our family.

 Some gifts were brought to the beach for Zach to open.

 He couldn't wait to dig into them!

We even managed to get 29 of us in a group photo! #winning 

 Love this silly crew so much!

My handsome boys!

 Happy birthday, bud! You are loved!

Oh my goodness. These two are just the cutest thing ever!

Zach and his gal pals.

Faith, Joshua, Grace and Elizabeth.

A simple beach day was the perfect way to celebrate our new three year old! 

One of the best summer memories of 2017, for sure!  

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