16 June 2017

Friday Faves

So, last Friday, Morgan took the girls to their very FIRST CONCERT!! They went to Spirit West Coast and saw all of their favorite Christian artists. I'm not sure who had more fun...the girls or Morgan! Ha! 
This definitely goes down as one of the girls' favorite experiences so far!

 My girlfriends and I celebrated our sweet friend, Janette last weekend. We toasted the baby of our bunch with a fabulous birthday brunch at Si Bon, a cute little Belgian Café in town.
Loved every minute celebrating this dear girl!     

 We also celebrated the graduation of Joshua & Elizabeth.
Joshua graduated from 5th and Elizabeth from middle school. Time flies!

 Oh, Zachary. I will not be surprised in the least if you become a fire fighter one day.

 Once a month, we take turns serving with the girls in the children's ministry at church. Last week, Faith and Morgan were caring for the babies (he's in the other room, playing with a baby). Can't believe my baby is holding all the babies now. She loves all the cuddles!

 Halmoni was in town for a visit so we enjoyed meeting her to have lunch at Fantasy Springs.

We were blessed with an unusually cool Monday so that only means one thing: BMX track with dad!  

 It was time to see his favorite barber and get a new summer do.

 All cleaned up!

Thankfully, he only takes about 10 licks of his lollipop and then he's done.

This week, the girls BOTH started summer piano lessons. Grace is back to piano after a 4 year break. Let's hope it sticks this time! It's so nice that they can walk to their lessons together! It's only about 6 houses away.  

She's been practicing everyday without prompting and really enjoys it so far. 👍

 This is what you call, "Sucking Face." #literally 😘

 We found our favorite Cliff Bar flavor. Cool Mint & Chocolate for the win!

Can't stop. Won't stop. #alwaysonthemove

Mom life is the best life! Truly, it is! I'm so blessed to have these THREE amazing kiddos entrusted to me. These are the days and I'm soaking them up!  

 Oh My Guava! Seriously, if you like guava and black tea, this one will float your boat!
Another winner from TJ's!

 He was making himself quite comfortable on our bed, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Zach's favorite show, for sure!

 Another favorite from TJ's is this seasonal Tropical Mango Salad. I tried it last summer and I'm so happy they brought it back! It's the mango tamarind dressing that makes you feel like you're eating these greens on some exotic tropical island (without all those pesky mosquitoes, of course!).

 Here, I topped the salad with sliced juicy nectarines and added a veggie patty for lunch. De-lish!

 And my last (but not least) favorite TJ's summer find is this Peach Bellini Jam. We're crazy about #allthingspeach or nectarine in my house so this was a no brainer to try. We've been enjoying the jam on toast but also as a snack on crackers with our Laughing Cow Creamy Cheese. Delectable little snack! #peachisourjam  

Can I tell you what is NOT a favorite of mine this week? Things are down right melting around here and it's getting serious, y'all! 121?! Holy cow!!

And last but not least, in less than 3 weeks, our boy turns THREE! I can't believe it! We're celebrating low-key at home on his actual birthday and then we're headed to the beach with friends to celebrate again.
Can't wait!!

Have a fun weekend and stay cool!

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