07 April 2017

Fridays Faves

 Happy Friday!
These are all my favorite photos over the last couple of weeks.

This was a few weeks ago, before we officially made his bike an "outside" bike. He was seriously trying to follow me up the stairs! If you notice, his front tire is on the first step. #boys #hismiddlenameshouldbedanger #thatsmile

We were so happy to be able to witness and celebrate the baptism of my little niece, Eleanor.

After just a few weeks, this kid is uncontainable on his bike. You should see how fast he goes!

Faith and Vivien played so well at their piano recital last month. #girlfriends

This was a RARE moment so I had to snap a picture. He fell asleep while eating dinner! This has only happened one other time so far. I moved his plate of food as I saw his head coming down in slow motion. Morgan said I should have left the food for a funnier photo! 😂

This was on a totally separate day when I asked Grace to go get him up from his nap. Little cub wasn't quite ready to wake up just yet. #sweetsiblingmoments

She likes to experiment with her hair and this was just so pretty. #princessgrace

Finding ladybugs with sis.

Still enjoying our #golfcartadventures around the neighborhood almost every afternoon.

He's moved on to ramps, dirt, rocks, hills... you name it. Yup, if it's dangerous, that's where you'll find him! 😮

The girls help serve with the toddlers once a month at church and they always enjoy it. #bubbleparty

Early morning walks around our park are the best.

It was so fun to see my brother on TV! His basketball team made it all the way to State Finals in Sacramento and they televised the game so we were able to watch it from home. So thrilling!

Emily and the kids were there, too!

They did it! So proud of my brother and his team! And 3 newspapers named him Coach of the Year! #statechamps #waytogo 

 See what I mean? 😱

 Morgan and I were able to go on our monthly date night last month but this time we spent our evening at church with 100 other couples. We enjoyed a yummy dinner, fellowship, and words of encouragement for our marriage. #timewellspent

 Taking advantage of a cloudy day with a trip to the library, a picnic lunch, and biking around the park.

He actually sits still to read a good book.

 The perfect little healthy snack. Whole wheat banana and cinnamon mini muffins. #mmm

Lastly, I received my first volume of Chatbooks and I am so impressed! This company takes 60 of your Instagram photos and creates a mini book for you. Best of all, it takes very little time and work on your part and the price is very reasonable, too! Can't wait to receive my other volumes!
 If you haven't seen the promo video, it is hilarious!


Enjoy your weekend, friends!
Our Spring Break officially starts....NOW!!

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