09 April 2017

Joshua Tree National Park

 We picked up our map and we're all set for our desert adventure.

 It's hard to believe we've visited lots of National Parks throughout the country but we've never made it to Joshua Tree. Well, today was the day!

 Saturdays are for exploring.

 It was a bit cold and windy when we got there. So glad we packed in layers.

 Joshua Trees.

 The girls loved climbing all the rocks and boulders.

 "Wook, mom! Take picture." (His exact words).

 Beautiful Barker Dam.

My Gracie girl.

Sister sister.

The boys.

Adventuring with daddy is the best.

We checked out the actual dam at Barker Dam.

Beautiful day!

Love my family.

The desert can be beautiful, too.

The rock formations were incredible.

Hidden Valley.

My fearless child. I'm sure glad he never lets obstacles stand in his way. 😱

We never go too far without his bike these days.

Oh yes, he did. And he had a ball doing it, too! Over and over again...

Last but not least, Skull Rock. I thought it looked more like Darth Vader's head. 💀😜

One of the reasons we stayed home this weekend was to explore Joshua Tree, our backyard's National Park. It's only about an hour away. We've been wanting to visit for some time and since we've been having great weather, we decided to take advantage before it got too hot. Well, the weather was actually much cooler than we anticipated, especially with the wind. Still, we got in some beautiful hiking and the kids all enjoyed climbing the boulders and exploring the scenery. 

I'm not gonna to lie, it's a bit challenging keeping Zach contained on hikes. We end up carrying him a lot since he tends to venture off and finds something dangerous to do. Our little guy is just drawn to adventure and his spirit is uncontainable. He doesn't know that he's only TWO so he can't just walk off gigantic boulders, even though he's climbed his way to the top. #sigh

Apparently, he can ride his bike off them, though! He keeps us young and gives us more gray hairs all at the same time! 😭 😄 #lovehim

Joshua Tree was especially beautiful this year because of the super bloom and all the color that popped up throughout the desert landscape. There are so many hikes and places to explore in the park and we've just barely scratched the surface. Looking forward to going back!

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