17 April 2017

Easter 2017

 He is RISEN!!

The girls made Resurrection Rolls in the morning.

Believe it or not, I've never made an Easter basket for my kids. Grandma always brought a little something over for each of them but since she's not here, I decided to do something simple. The girls' baskets were filled with candy, a new flower hair clip, and nail polish.

 Zach's basket had candy, 2 new Easter books, and toy cars.

 We snapped a few pictures before church.

 My little and no so little chickadees!

The ladies were all pretty in pink.

 The men were handsome in blue and being blinded by the sun.

 Our church's Easter service was moved to a local high school again this year and we had over 1700 people in attendance that morning.

 Later, we relaxed back at home and the girls had fun dyeing some eggs.

 Daddy was trying to coax Zach into eating his chocolate bunny.

 Zach wasn't so sure about it so he wanted daddy to try it first.

 He liked it but only took a couple of bites and he was done (this is typical of Zach).

Next, it was time for the backyard egg hunt.

 He found one!

 And another one...

 This was a HUGE improvement from last year when he kept throwing the eggs in the pool!

Grace looks for her eggs.

 This year, I bought three different kinds of plastic eggs so each kid had their own eggs to look for. In other words, if it wasn't their egg, they would just leave it, say nothing, and move on. Each of them had a dozen to find. Grace's were sparkly, Faith's had words written on them, and Zach's were plain (and a lot easier to find). It worked out great and the kids liked it better this way.

 Daddy hides them well.

 Hilarious. Posing with his bike. 😄

 Relaxing in the shade with dad (and a mouth full of jellybeans).

We ended the day with a splash in the pool!

Celebrating our Risen Savior with the people I love most. It doesn't get much better.

Hope you had a very special Easter!

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