30 October 2016

Vallarta Zoo

First, let me say, this zoo was quite the experience!
It gave the phrase, "Up close and personal" a whole new meaning!
We took a short cab ride from our resort to Mismaloya, where the zoo was located.
It's built right into the side of the rainforest.

Yes, I screamed because my baby just walked up to a lion!!
Back in the U.S., there are laws for this, right?!

Hello, Mr. Ostrich. Please don't peck my face!

Here come more birds.

Hey, I can waddle, too.

Feeding flamingos.

I'm not a bird person AT ALL so at one point, I got a little FREAKED OUT because I was surrounded by large birds on all sides. The ostrich was on the left side of this picture and he was hungry, too!!  

They gave us food so that we could feed most of the animals.

And then there were these menacing monkeys that wanted food, too.

They began to get rowdy along with the birds. I just wanted to drop all of the food and run. :)

Even the ducks seemed rather large and aggressive.

Zach caught on quickly.

See how close you can get to these animals?!

"I touch it."

What a strange looking duck.

Hungry hungry hippo.

Feeding camels.

Doesn't it seem like this giraffe could just jump over that fence so easily?!

He loved it!


 Handing a monkey a peanut.

 The monkeys cracked and peeled the peanuts so quickly.

 Here, Teddy...
Umm, that would be Grace, feeding a BEAR!

 Hi, raccoon!


Baby White Tigers.

Cuddling with leopards...

Oh MY!!

 and tigers...

She wanted to play.

Nice, kitty... Nice, kitty...

This tiger actually bit Faith's arm (Did I just write that?!).
Thankfully, it was only a scratch and it didn't break any skin. (insert BIG wide-eye emojis here!)

 Monkeying around.

They wanted a pet monkey.


What a wild and crazy time at the zoo!
#onlyinmexico #wesurvived

It was definitely an adrenaline packed experience we will never forget.

In fact, it may have ruined us for any future zoos! :)

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