29 October 2016

Puerto Vallarta Part 4

 All ready for their Father/Daughter Kayak & Snorkeling Trip.

 Zach and Grace. These two and their relationship just melt my heart.
She's going to be a GREAT mommy someday.

Mama and Zachy.

 Holding up this entire column ALL by himself. :)

 We watched the kayakers make their way to Los Arcos from the pool.
It was about 3 miles, round trip.

 They returned 2.5 hours later!
Out of all the people who went on the trip, they said they were the youngest and the oldest. :)
But they arrived to Los Arcos first!  

Upon return, they enjoyed beachside service of a fresh cool towel for your face and a refreshing fruit beverage. Needless to say, we had GREAT service!

 Zach was happy to see daddy back.


What a babe. :)

Zach also loved going under the waterfalls with dad.

 Coconut strawberry smoothie? Why, YES please!

 Cerveza for the 2 year old? Oh, my!!

Morgan thought this was hilarious so he snapped a picture. As you can imagine, Zach made a lot of new friends. He even felt so comfortable, he took their beer!!
Thankfully, that can was NOT open!

 Our little explorer.


 We had Faith stand on a chair to take this shot.

 Anniversary dinner at the steakhouse.

Lovely young ladies.

 Even with the clouds and some rain, it was breathtaking!

This is us.

Happy 15th Anniversary, babe!

 The other side of our balcony.

 We decided to venture off our resort and take the bus to another beach one day. Waiting at the bus stop.

 Do as the locals do. :)

 Darn paparazzi are always following me. :)

 Hello, Conchas Chinas Beach!

 We're back!
(We were here 3 years ago.)

 The girls had fun snorkeling.


 Hanging out in the shade with this cutie.

 More activities by the pool.
This was a yarn craft called, "Eye of the Gods."

Another pool at our resort. This one was higher up the hill, closer to the jungle.
I can almost hear the music. It was SO relaxing. Just looking at this picture takes me back. :)

Another gorgeous sunset.

 Are you tired of our vacation photos, yet?
See, I warned you. :)

Well, believe it or not, I have TWO more parts to share.

Coming up next is our wild experience at the PV Zoo!
Then finally, I think I can wrap it up with one last post.

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