31 October 2016

Puerto Vallarta Part 5

His first piñata!

Boy with stick = happy boy.

The kid has good aim for being TWO!

The big kids' turn.

So fun!

He was so determined.

Pinata Party!

He loved the trolley rides.

And chips and guacamole by the pool. Yum!

Trying something new. :)

So fun!

And I didn't fall over or lose my hat! ;)

Pillows for days and a very tan little boy.

Go towards the Light, son, always. :)

Sometimes you need a little help.

Grace looks confused because the waiter just put a sizzling stone in her soup to keep it hot.

Love my family!

Last breakfast in our suite.

Snoozing in the taxi to the airport.

Gracias, Puerto Vallarta!

Whew! And that's a wrap!
It took me nearly 2 weeks but I was finally able to post ALL our vacation photos.
Needless to say, it was a trip to remember!

While on vacation, I also had a birthday. Some friends have asked,"So how did you celebrate your birthday when you were there?"

Honestly, just being there with my family was celebration enough. In fact, I had to think back but after spending the whole day at the pool, we got back kind of late and the last thing I wanted to do was rush around to get ready for dinner. The night before, we had gone to the steakhouse for our anniversary so I just felt like staying in and relaxing with my family. We ended up ordering room service and having a quiet dinner in our suite. It was perfect.

45 was another tough year but I also learned a lot, too.

I learned to fight fear, dream big, parent better, give more, be vulnerable, and to live life brave.

Don't get me wrong, I don't have it all figured out. It's a process and I'm still learning these things everyday. Most of all, I learned that I can be brave because God is so strong. And loves me too much to leave me the same. He is faithful and good and He is in control of every situation, so I don't have to be. :)

There's a gift to getting older. We may miss it if we don't seek it.
Year 45 made me keenly aware of the many big and small gifts He gives me on a daily basis.

It's all grace.

Undeserved. Deeply appreciated.

Grace upon grace.

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