26 August 2015

Mamas, teach your boys how to dance.


One evening, Morgan took the girls to Tae Kwon Do (TKD) so Zach and I got some extra “mommy and me” time. I had the music on so I began dancing with my boy in the living room. And then it hit me. Yes, this.

We mamas have to do more of this. We have to teach our boys how to dance.

I imagined myself dancing cheek to cheek with him on his wedding day and I got all teary eyed.

Lord willing, let it be so.

But I also imagined a free and fun kind of dancing. The kind where your hearts sings and you’re overflowing with happiness and abandon.



After all, who really  enjoys being a wallflower? Life is not meant to be lived apprehensively up against a wall. Life is a gift! It’s meant to be celebrated, used, and sometimes, risked. As mamas, we get the privilege of showing our children what that might look like. But as I’m joyfully swinging Zach around, I’m reminded that it’s not my steps I want him to follow. I want him to listen for the beat of what makes his own spirit soar.

For some men, stepping out on the dance floor could mean the equivalent of pure social torture. I want my son to have the courage to step away from that wall. To possibly risk embarrassment but overcome it with his desire to truly live in the moment. Hopefully, one day, there might be a girl who will want him to lead. Hand in hand, cheek to cheek, one awkward step at a time. Lord willing, he and his forever dance partner will find their groove together.

Dancing, is of course a metaphor for joyful living and embracing the moment. So much of that is a choice we get to make every single day. 

Mamas, let’s not be wallflowers. Let’s not raise wallflowers. Let’s take make opportunities to dance with our kids and show them how it’s done.  :)

P.S. I hope you dance.

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