12 June 2015

So, we bought a cabin!

Cabin 032A

Our own little mountain retreat up in Big Bear!
Actually, it’s a joint family venture because Ben and Lucy own the cabin with us. Hi guys! :)

photo (37)
Last month, we showed up on Mother’s day weekend and to our delight, it was SNOWING and so very beautiful!

photo 2 (26) - Copy
This past weekend, the place officially became ours so we spent the weekend “attempting” to clean out the place.

photo 1 (29) - Copy
The back deck has an amazing view of the private forest behind us and even a peek-a-boo view of the lake.

Exploring in the backyard.

Cabin 002
Catching the last of the sunset.

Cabin 009A
The girls took Zach on a stroll around the neighborhood and also took some pictures with my camera.

Cabin 004
Our quiet and peaceful street.

Cabin 008

Spring has sprung in the mountains.

Cabin 028A
Posing, I guess. :)


Cabin 029A

Hi Zachy!

Cabin 034A
Happily playing and watching for wildlife.

Cabin 041A
Having fun with daddy.

Since the cabin came furnished, there is LOTS to do in terms of cleaning it out. In fact, it took us a whole day, just to clean out the small kitchen! It’s definitely a work in progress and there’s much we’d like to do but we’re taking it one step at a time.

Lord willing, we’ll be able to rent it out as much as possible but also, enjoy it with family and friends and make some great memories along the way.

I was hoping to take more pictures of the cabin this weekend but we just got so busy. Next time!

This is where we’ll be spending much of our summer so I’m sure there will be lots more pictures to come.

As Morgan and I sat in the living room on that first night after all the kids had gone to bed, we were quite amazed that the Lord would allow us to have a mountain retreat to call our own. In fact, we realized that our new cabin was laid out in the exact same way that our first home in Malibu was laid out! We loved that tiny home. It was barely 500 square feet but it was everything two newlyweds needed or wanted. Plus, the beach was just down the street!

We always said if that place was any bigger, we would have stayed there in a heartbeat. We have the best memories of our first 5 years there. So, what made us move?? KIDS!! We wanted kids more. :))

Now we have THREE and the Lord has blessed us with a similar home and enough room for the whole family. The cabin floor even creaks in the same spot as our old house. :)

What an incredible gift!

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