01 June 2015

And so, it begins!

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Last week, we officially declared it SUMMER since we finished up our regular commitments for the “school” year. We decided to celebrate with some friends and a little frozen yogurt. Yum!

Also, we know it must be summer around here because Christina visited Grandma for the week and we got to see her more often… and SWIM!

Swim with Chrissy 003

Riding in the golf cart.


Swim with Chrissy 006

Finding ladybugs and enjoying the warm but refreshing pool.


Swim with Chrissy 008

They’re all getting so big!


Swim with Chrissy 009

Zach looking stylish and chillin’ in the shade with Grandma.


Swim with Chrissy 010

Getting his toes wet.


Swim with Chrissy 016



Swim with Chrissy 013



Swim with Chrissy 017


Christina and Grandma also came over one night so Morgan and I could go on a date night.

photo 2 (25)

We enjoyed happy hour on the patio at Flemings but it was such a hot and balmy night, we had to sneak into a store, just to get some reprieve from the HEAT!

This summer is already shaping up to be a busy one. We’ve got a family project in the works that will take up most of the summer and require quite a bit of traveling. I’ll get to share more about that in the next couple of weeks as those plans finalize. It’s a big undertaking but we’re excited about it and I look forward to sharing more details (and pictures) SOON! 

The girls are also looking forward to a couple of fun classes/camps they’ll be taking this summer. A craft camp and a sewing class.

In addition to all that, we hope to catch up on some school work, as well as make time for lots of reading, play dates, swimming, and beach days! Oh man, I hear the beach calling my name. :))

And… I almost forgot!

We’re already working on planning a very special birthday for Zachary!

photo 3 (5)

I can’t believe next month, our little boy is turning ONE!

What a year it’s been. Last summer, we were anything but relaxed. Much of it was a blur and yet, the details are still etched clearly in my mind. This summer, I’m so incredibly grateful to God for a healthy baby and the fact that he’s home. Beyond thrilled, actually!!

There’s much to celebrate! And so, it begins…

Welcome, Summer 2015!!

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