17 June 2015

The Greatest Brave

Little superhero helping his mother

A mom has to be brave enough to let her boy grow up and climb mountaintops. The Greatest Brave allows and son (helps a son) to plan and attack adventures born in his heart. It’s a mother’s instinct to keep her son from harm, to protect him, to be close to him. While there’s a time to hover and supervise, we raise our sons to release them. That means when our boys emerge into young manhood and yearn to do brave things of their own, we dig deep for our Greatest Brave. Without the opportunity to be brave, our boys will remain weak, unsure, and reluctant. They will stay boys. By releasing our grip enough to step back, we give our boys the blessing of learning the Greatest Brave.

Brave moms allow sons to learn lessons essential to brave men. 

  1. When he feels alone in the world, and he will, God is with him. 
  2. When he finds himself in darkness, and he will, God will move
  3. When he feels weak, and he will, God will give him strength.
  4. When he needs courage, and he will, God will make him bold.
  5. When he longs for purpose, and he will, God will use him to change lives.

I enjoyed this post from The MOB Society. Read the rest by clicking the link.

In today’s culture, the notion of being “brave” seems to have become distorted. We have mistaken bravery and courage for the freedom to make personal lifestyle choices. To me, bravery comes from Christ’s example: stand for truth, speak it in love, serve humbly, and be willing to lay down your life for the sake of others. 

The world needs more brave men.

That means with God’s help, us mamas need to be brave, too. Let’s endeavor to raise up our boys to let them go… to fight the good fight and change the world, for His glory.

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