13 April 2015

Visit with Halmoni

Halmoni visit 005


Halmoni visit 004

James and Auntie Emily making Zach laugh.


Halmoni visit 008A

Who’s your mama? Who’s your baby? We love them BOTH so much! 


Halmoni visit 012

“Hi Zach. Did you fall? Wanna play?”


Halmoni visit 014

“Help, she wants to wrestle with me.”


Halmoni visit 013

Run away, run away. :))


Halmoni visit 017

Halmoni and all her precious grandkids.

It was so nice to see the cousins and Halmoni this weekend. After a couple of months of unpacking and simplifying, my mom has finally settled into her new place. What a huge adjustment for her as she lives alone for the first time in almost 50 years but all in all, she’s doing great. The kids are getting so big. Hard to believe that Madi and Zach will be ONE in just a few short months and James and Kylie have birthdays coming up soon, too.

We miss you so much, Hapajee. Life is not the same without you but the Lord continues to provide us with the strength to move forward.

We all look forward to the day when we will see you again.

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