10 April 2015

Zachary’s Adoption Day!

Zach's Adoption Day 015

The girls helped me decorate the chalkboard sign.


Zach's Adoption Day 012

They also made other decorations for the day.


Zach's Adoption Day 014

These have actually been hanging up in our house for over a month now because the court date that was supposed to happen last month, got postponed. When we received the disappointing news, I was going to take the decorations down but it became a simple visual reminder to me: Everyday is a reason to celebrate. :))


Zach's Adoption Day 022A

Mama and her sweet boy! (please excuse the creepy human body science project we’ve got going on in the background).


Zach's Adoption Day 028

So very blessed!!!


Zach's Adoption Day 031

Words cannot describe how much I love this picture. I regretted not taking a picture of my dad and Zachary together before he passed (he only saw him one time and Zachary was mostly sleeping). This is a framer, for sure!


Zach's Adoption Day 034

Miss Hailey having a sweet conversation with Zach as we wait to be called into the court room.


Zach's Adoption Day 035

So nice to have Aunt Mary join us at the courthouse as well. (We missed you, Grandma!)


Zach's Adoption Day 037

All our friends came, too! (Except the Ritz’s… we missed you!)


Zach's Adoption Day 038

Love these sisters!


Zach's Adoption Day 039

Zach receiving plenty of attention from the kids.


Zach's Adoption Day 043

Such a great shot of all the kids in the court room.


Zach's Adoption Day 045

Under oath.


Zach's Adoption Day 050

Signing papers.


Zach's Adoption Day 052

It’s official and final. He’s a Gough!


Zach's Adoption Day 057

So thankful for the love and support of our dear friends and family! (Look at the Judge back there, taking it all in).


Zach's Adoption Day 062

Time to go home and celebrate!


Zach's Adoption Day 018

With cake and ice cream!!


Zach's Adoption Day 073

Joshua Benjamin and Zachary Benjamin.


Zach's Adoption Day 069

The kids having fun in the backyard.


Zach's Adoption Day 065

Hailey & Karen, enjoying the sunshine.


Zach's Adoption Day 076

Morgan leads the charge playing capture the flag.


Zach's Adoption Day 075

Karen loving on Zach.


Zach's Adoption Day 074

Genevieve and her little buddy.


Zach's Adoption Day 071

The little man of the day. :))

Oh, what a special day it was for our family! The Judge was incredibly warm and the court proceedings went beautifully. He even gave us the opportunity to share why we wanted to adopt Zachary. It provided the ability for us to be a witness and point to the Lord in obedience and grace. He even chatted with the girls and gave them a chance to speak as big sisters.

I love how the day was a full circle moment for the girls, too. Almost 8 years ago, we were at the same courthouse for their finalization and although they don’t remember their own adoption day, they will never forget their brother’s.

Potty and Adoption Day 053

(The Girls’ Adoption Finalization)

As I reflect on this day, there are many emotions that run through my mind.

A child

Morgan and I are filled with gratitude as we have the joy and privilege of parenting these three precious souls for the Lord. What a journey our marriage has been thus far! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think our family would’ve taken shape in this way. However, I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful and poignant love story.

God’s plans are always better than our own. Praise Him! 

“God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. This is what he wanted to do, and it gave him great pleasure.” ~Ephesians 1:5

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