05 April 2015

Jacob’s Army Birthday Party

Jacob's B-day 017

General Ben shapes up the new recruits.


Jacob's B-day 020

Boot camp involves push ups.


Jacob's B-day 021

Morgan and our littlest recruit.


Jacob's B-day 024

The obstacle course.


Jacob's B-day 025

Go Faith, go!


Jacob's B-day 027

Go Grace, go!


Jacob's B-day 036

Of course, Morgan and Ben had to race, too!


Jacob's B-day 038

Boys will be boys. :)


Jacob's B-day 040

I think they have just as much fun as the kids… if not more!


Jacob's B-day 041

Bombs away with grenades (water balloons).


Jacob's B-day 044

Our troop.


Jacob's B-day 032A

My little soldier.


Jacob's B-day 047

Jacob enjoyed the girls’ blackberry cheesecake so much he requested it for his birthday cake, too! It’s a yummy winner and Karen’s was absolutely delicious!


Jacob's B-day 049


Jacob's B-day 051

Happy 9th birthday, Jacob!


Jacob's B-day 054

Jacob warmly thanks Faith for her gift. So sweet!


Jacob's B-day 057

Cooling off in the pool.

This weekend, we celebrated Jacob with a fantastic Army themed party! Karen and Ben did a wonderful (and creative) job of building an obstacle course for the kids. It was the perfect party for Jacob since he is definitely one tough guy and all BOY! Such a fun time was had by all!

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