03 April 2015

Good Friday Hike

Good Friday Hike 004A

Here we go!


Good Friday Hike 006A

I started out by carrying Zach for what I thought was going to be part of the way up.


Good Friday Hike 015A

Peek a boo, Zachy Bear!


Good Friday Hike 016A

However, he fell asleep early into the hike so I ended up carrying him the whole way up!


Good Friday Hike 020A

We made it!! Ironically, there’s not a smidgen of shade on the entire trail. That’s partly why I just kept moving and didn’t slow down. The only slice of shade is at the very top… in the shadow of the Cross!


Good Friday Hike 024A

Love my family. Thank you, Jesus!


Good Friday Hike 028A

There was a mailbox installed at the cross and filled with notebooks you can write in or leave a note. Faith came prepared (of course) and left a note she had written to Jesus.


Good Friday Hike 032A

My precious girls!


Good Friday Hike 036 

A great visual reminder that I must leave my children at the foot of the Cross.


Good Friday Hike 040A

The boys are ready to head downhill!


Good Friday Hike 045A

My heart! All smiles and wide awake to take in the view.

I love this family tradition of hiking up to the Cross on Good Friday. There is great symbolism in the climb and it always leads to a great discussion with our kids.

Today, I carried a lot of extra weight up the mountain. Twenty-one pounds to be exact. Morgan and the girls were actually much further behind as they stopped to take in some views and get a drink of water. As I trudged upward, one dusty step at a time, I couldn’t help but reflect on Jesus and the walk He endured to Calvary. He literally had the weight of the world on His shoulders. The heavy burden of all my sins and yours. And yet He willingly took up His cross, obeyed His Father’s will, and walked to His death.

All in the name of love.

He gave me a little glimpse of that kind of sacrificial love today. I would gladly and willingly carry all my children up a mountain. Yes, the burden would be great but the love would be greater.

If you think about it, Good Friday is the most significant day in all of history. Without it, mankind would be doomed. 

I loved what She Reads Truth writer, Raechel Myers wrote in this morning’s devotional:

Christ’s final words came with His dying breath—”It is finished.” And it was.

He bore the wrath of the one, true, holy God against sin—wrath that was due to literally anyone and everyone but Him. And it was finally over. His death completed the work of salvation for His people. It was truly finished then, and it still is.

It is finished. Complete.

And hear this today—really hear it: Because it is finished, there is nothing that any one of us can contribute to Jesus’ work on the Cross to bring us any closer to salvation. 

Let’s worship the One who was wounded for our transgressions and crushed for our iniquities. As we observe this holy day of sacrifice for salvation, let’s remember the chastisement that brought peace for you and me, and receive the healing that comes to us from the stripes He bore.

It is finished, friends.
Thanks be to God.

It is finished

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