31 March 2015

DIY Homemade Foaming Soap

Foam Soap 001

Ok, this post is a little silly but I was so EXCITED when I found out how to make my own foaming soap!  If you like foaming soap like we do, this is a great way to save some money and make your own. Over the years, I’ve probably spent a pretty penny on these:


It all started by accident really. The spout on my kitchen soap dispenser broke over a week ago. It was a pretty white bottle with a chrome spout on it. I used to fill it with concentrated antibacterial dish soap. I don’t know why but I only used foaming soap in our bathrooms. Anyhow, my time is limited for shopping these days so on a trip to Target over the weekend, I bought a new kitchen soap dispenser to replace the one that broke. Target didn’t  have many economical options so I went ahead and chose this new stainless steel looking one. On the label, it said it was a “foam dispenser.” Ok, I’ve never used foam soap in my kitchen but whatever, I didn’t have time to really think it through.

I took it home, filled it with my normal concentrated dish soap and thought it would work out perfectly. Well, it didn’t.

It was like it was clogged. It barely gave out any soap. In fact, Morgan (who often does the dishes) said, “This thing doesn’t work.”

That’s when I remembered it said it was a “Foaming Soap Dispenser.”

I figured there HAD to be a way to make the soap foam.

Pinterest to the rescue!

I learned it was so very EASY to make your own foaming soap. Ready for this?

It’s just 1/3 part of your favorite concentrated liquid soap to 2/3 part water. Mix gently and voilà!

See, I told you it was EASY!

Foam Soap 009

And the pièce de résistance…

As I was making the foam soap in the new dispenser, I happened to turn the bottle around and saw this:

Foam Soap 010

That would be the SOAP line on the bottom and the WATER line on top. Duh!!

I tell ya, a college degree doesn’t go too far when you’ve lost all your common sense marbles! :))

Turns out the new FOAM soap dispenser works perfectly now. ;)

I love the idea of saving some money, too! No more buying disposable bottles for the bathroom, either. You can just reuse the ones you have and make your own foam soap!   

(If you’re into essential oils, you can even add those as well!).

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