20 April 2015

Big Bear Camping

Serrano Camping 006

Serrano Campground: our home for the next few days.


Serrano Camping 005

We showed up on Thursday afternoon to a crisp 55 degrees.


Serrano Camping 003

Zach loves to be outside.


Serrano Camping 001

My happy little camper.


Serrano Camping 010

The Cuteness Crew.


Serrano Camping 015

The girls loved exploring around our campsite.


Serrano Camping 016


Serrano Camping 024

We’re going on a bear hunt…


Serrano Camping 027

Into the groves.


Serrano Camping 034

Faith stopped to make a speech.


Serrano Camping 035

Campfire prep.


Serrano Camping 036

Tending to the fire. This was one of the girls’ favorite things to do.


Serrano 039A

Mama and Zachy.


Serrano 049A

Look at my sweet little boy!


Serrano Camping 045

I have TWO teeth. :))


Serrano Camping 057

Roasting marshmallows. OK, maybe THIS was their favorite part. :))


Serrano Camping 058

Yes, that’s one giant marshmallow.


Serrano Camping 059

Let the silliness begin!


Serrano Camping 060

Perfect time for a family bike ride around the lake.


Serrano Camping 069

I know, not the safest for the babe but he sure loved it!


Serrano Camping 072

The lake!


Serrano Camping 076


Serrano Camping 080

Dancing Grace with the Observatory in the background.


Serrano Camping 084

A beautiful day.


Serrano Camping 086

Roasting dinner.


Serrano Camping 089

Look at the dirt on her face. She’s in pure heaven.


Serrano Camping 090

One s’more will do you!


Serrano Camping 095

Playing with sissy.


Serrano Camping 096

A competitive game of Uno.


Serrano Camping 100

My two men in the morning. Aren’t they cute? :))


Serrano Camping 101

Who wakes up this happy?


Serrano 103A

Maybe it was the smell of bacon sizzling on the stove? :P

We decided to do some spring camping in the trailer before summer hit and the campgrounds got too full. This was actually the FIRST time we went camping in the trailer WITHOUT motorcycles in tow. Last summer, we took the trailer up to San Francisco to visit Zachary in the NICU but that hardly counts. He wasn’t with us then and the RV park was more like a parking lot, rather than a nature experience.

My ideal camping location is either in the woods or at the beach. Serrano Campground in Big Bear was great! It had just the right amount of seclusion and nature. Plus, the full hook ups were fantastic! Hello, warm shower. :))

The girls loved exploring, getting dirty, riding their bikes, seeing forest critters, learning new survival skills from dad and tending to the fire.

Zach is a great little traveler, too. He enjoyed the cool breezes on his face, a bike ride and just being with his family.

There were so many pictures and memories I wanted to capture from this trip… Stay tuned for part 2!

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