20 April 2015

Big Bear Camping Part 2

Serrano Camping 107

Ready to tackle the Castle Rock trail.


Serrano Camping 111

1 mile… straight up!


Serrano Camping 117


Serrano Camping 115

Beautiful views as we got higher.


Serrano Camping 118


Serrano Camping 123

My hiking buddy. He keeps me young. ;)


Serrano Camping 142

The base of Castle Rock.


Serrano Camping 140

We made it to the top! What a view!


Serrano Camping 138


Serrano Camping 136

Time to head down.


Serrano Camping 128

Little Explorer in training.


Serrano Camping 144

We love our family hikes.


Serrano Camping 159

Stopped in at the Discovery Center.


Serrano Camping 145



Serrano Camping 147

Little Bear meets Big Bear.


Serrano Camping 151

Story time.


Serrano Camping 153

Bean bag toss.


Serrano Camping 160

Alpine Slide.


Serrano Camping 161

The girls and Morgan on the ski lift.


Serrano Camping 164



Serrano Camping 167

My cuddle bear.


photo (32)

Camping is not complete without pepper bellies (aka Frito pie or tacos in a bag).

The weather in Big Bear was perfectly sunny and cool during the day and very chilly at night. Grateful for the heater we had to keep us warm and toasty. (Thanks, Uncle Ben!)

The kids love camping and although it’s never been Morgan’s favorite thing, he’s always been a good sport about doing it anyway. When we asked the girls what they liked most about our camping trip, they said, “EVERYTHING!”

I enjoy making special “camping food” because to me, food becomes part of our fondest memories, too. Things like bacon and eggs in the morning, GIANT marshmallows for s’mores, roasted hot dogs, and pepper bellies…

All things we don’t regularly eat at home but become a fun tradition when we camp.

Thankful for all the sweet memories we had and the extra time we got to spend as a family.

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