02 January 2015

New Year’s Day Snow

First Snow 001A

Up the mountain we go! Snow, snow, snow!


First Snow 045

They could hardly contain themselves.


First Snow 008A

Found a small hill where they could sled.


First Snow 010A

So much fun!


First Snow 020A


First Snow 024A

Well, look who’s awake?


First Snow 027A


First Snow 028A

What is this white stuff?


First Snow 029A

Snow bunny.


First Snow 035A



First Snow 032A

My little snowman.


First Snow 038A

Maybe next year, buddy!


First Snow 056A

Watch out for that shrub!


photo 1 (2)


photo 2

Do you want to build a snowman?


First Snow 047A

At last, warming up with a cup of hot chocolate. 

We spent the first day of 2015 up in Idyllwild and the kids had a blast playing in the snow! We weren’t able to make it up to Humber Park this year. About a mile away, the road got a little too icy without chains. We were sliding backwards! We managed to find a decent hill to sled off the side of the road and it worked out just as well.

Instead of having to trudge in the deeper snow, Zach and I were able to watch and enjoy from a safe distance.

The day also consisted of football, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, good food and lots of quality family time. 

Welcome, 2015!

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