19 October 2014

Lucky #13

13th Anny

This man...

Thirteen years ago, I would have never imagined the '”adventures” that God had planned for us. We’ve always felt, “We’ve had it pretty easy thus far.”

Or maybe it just seems that way with him by my side? 

I can honestly say we have grown so much TOGETHER. Each, in our own way but together, in pursuit of the life we’ve been called to. Today, it’s seems like the world is full of boys but very few real men. Men who love Jesus, take care of their families, love their wives, their children, and their neighbor. Men who are willing to sacrifice and stand for what’s right.

There is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful to be his Mrs. This is the man that God gave me to help me be more like Christ. The man He knew I needed so I could learn what it means to be brave. To do the hard things, daily. To lose my life, so I could find it again.

For the first time in our marriage, we faced something really hard this summer. Instead of welcoming home a new son, we almost had to bury one. There were moments when the prognosis was so unbearable, I could hardly stand on my own two feet. But I didn’t need to. He was right there holding me up. In the desperate hours, he was the one who decided to take a picture (and video) of Zachary at his worst, just so he could show him one day what a miracle God had done in his life.

He was the one who despite the grim reality of what the doctors had told us, paid all the adoption fees that very same day.

He was the one who assured me that whatever happened to Zach, it would all be for God’s glory.

And despite our exhaustion and anxiety about the whole situation, he was the only one who could still make me laugh through the tears.

I love this man.

Wedding Album 058A

This year, more than ever, I realized that the good and easy times are great but it’s enduring the hard times together that makes our marriage even greater.

Happy Anniversary to my one and only.

I am so honored to live this undeserved life God has given us and I am absolutely privileged to walk it beside you.

All my love. All my life. –Cat

*The picture above was taken last week when sleep was highly lacking but we mustered up the energy to go on a date night anyway!

I’m so glad we did. :)

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