14 October 2014

Our Growing Boy!

photo (140)
Love his little smirk/smile.

photo (139)
Sibling love!

photo (137)
Praying these precious feet will always walk closely with the Lord.

photo (138)
Outgrowing his newborn clothes quickly!

photo (141)
She said she didn’t want to move because he fell asleep on her. So sweet!

photo (135)
“Little Mommy” in training.
Zachary has been home for 3.5 weeks now and Praise the Lord, he’s doing GREAT.
He weighs almost 10 lbs. and he’s moved up one size in diapers and clothes. It’s been amazing to see him change daily and grow so quickly.
He currently enjoys: cuddles, baths, watching the ceiling fans in the house, being swaddled at night, and listening to his sweet sisters sing to him!
We continue to thank the Lord for His whole healing in Zach. In the NICU, he had a condition in his eyes called ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity). This is a common eye disease for babies born prematurely. Advanced stages of ROP require surgery and lead to eye impairment or even blindness. When he left the NICU, he was diagnosed at a stage 2. After a follow up appointment in Loma Linda, he has now regressed to a stage 1. At this stage, no treatment is needed and it is very likely that the issue would resolve itself. Hallelujah!

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