14 May 2014

Countdown to Summer!


The girls and I attended our last show of this year’s Field Trip Series at the McCallum Theatre yesterday. We got to sit with our friends and enjoy the charming and poignant silent comedy called Snowflake.



It’s been another FANTASTIC year at the theatre and we can’t wait for next year’s line up of shows!



Our regular activities are all wrapping up this week and that means our SUMMER is right around the corner!

A few things we’re looking forward to about summer…

  • Lots of leisurely time spent at our local LIBRARY and Barnes & Noble. In fact, the girls said they wouldn’t mind spending the WHOLE day at either location… I better pack a lunch. :)
  • SWIMMING and POOL TIME!! Our sweet friend, Miriam has once again gifted us with the use of her pool all summer long. We hope to enjoy it as often as possible!
  • CURSIVE writing. We’ve been putting this off until summer and the girls can’t wait to learn how to write “fancy.”
  • CHEA Convention!! The Annual Christian Home Educators Association Convention is coming up at the end of this month. Morgan and I are looking forward to the encouragement and fellowship.
  • My brother and his family’s annual summer visit. This year, they’re coming at the beginning of summer instead of at the end. Why? BABY #3 is due to arrive shortly!
  • Our church’s first VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL in June. This should be a wonderful outreach opportunity and the girls and I are looking forward to supporting our church by participating and serving all week.
  • A few trips to the BEACH and maybe a CAMPING trip, too. Who knows where our summer adventures will take us? That’s the beauty of an unplanned summer. Anything’s a possibility. :)
  • READING, READING, & more time for READING!!

It might be crazy to look forward to the blazing months of summer around here but honestly, to me, summer means more than surviving the never ending triple digit days. Summer is a state of mind.  It’s a book with empty pages, waiting for the story to be written.

Lord willing, we’ll not only read some truly great stories this summer, but we’ll live one, too.

eternal summer

Here’s to Summer 2014!

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