13 May 2014

Badgers Race

Badgers Race 006

Got there in time for this amazing sunset.


Badgers Race 009A

It was windy!


Badgers Race 011

The girls get cozy in their bunks.


Badgers Race 012

Good morning, Sunshine!


Badgers Race 015A

Cutie Pie.


Badgers Race 016

They found a horny toad! Which is actually a lizard. A highlight for sure!


Badgers Race 017

He was so cool!


Badgers Race 019

Grace was unsure.


Badgers Race 021

She worked up the bravery to hold him.


Badgers Race 023

My pot came in handy to get a better look before they let him go.


Badgers Race 024A

Race morning.


Badgers Race 027A

Faith & Mom.


Badgers Race 028A

Race time!

The girls and I went to Ridgecrest to support daddy and Uncle Ben in another race this weekend.


All throughout the race, it looked like the guys were going to end up #1 & 2 but unfortunately, at the last turn, Morgan crashed and broke his collar bone.

The girls and I didn’t see the accident (which was probably a good thing). Thankfully, only a few minutes went by where we didn’t know how severe he was injured. All we could do was pray.

We were soon relieved to hear that it was just his collar bone and that he would be ok.

Definitely NOT a highlight!

Still, everything happens for a reason and I’m sure there is much to be learned going forward.

Badgers Race 032

Here he is shortly after the accident. At least he’s smiling, amid the pain. :)

Apparently, breaking your collar bone while riding is a common injury-- although Morgan has never broken any bones until now.

We are just so GRATEFUL that the Lord protected him from anything more serious. We were able to make the 3 hour drive home and take him to Urgent Care. 

Badgers Race 033A

Still smiling! The pain meds were definitely kicking in. :)

After a trip to see the Orthopedic Doc today, he’s in a brace for the next 6-8 weeks. Praying his collar bone will heal back completely during this time.

A great big THANK YOU to Uncle Ben. We couldn’t have loaded up and made the trip back home without him. But aside from all the physical help, we’re most thankful for his godly leadership, his prayers and his love for Morgan. Ben has always been the greatest example of selflessness and generosity to all of us.

As the guys said their goodbyes and we drove off, Morgan said, “I have the best brother in the world.”

We’d have to agree. :)

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