15 May 2014

Last Day of CBS!


What a blessing to be studying God’s word each week and doing “life” with our friends.



These wonderful ladies are what’s left of my core group this year. We persevered to the end!



And my dear friends, Karen & Melissa made for great accountability partners throughout the year. Praise the Lord! We made it, girls!

This morning, we wrapped up another year at Community Bible Study. CBS has been a huge priority in our lives for the last 4 years. It’s probably been the most important thing we do all week! And the Lord has been gracious to bless our commitment to it.

For me, among other things, it’s been a place of refuge and refreshment. It’s the place where I get to rest and yet also, be filled. It’s where I’ve been able to glean wisdom from the more experienced and mature ladies of our valley, while still having the opportunity to encourage the weary or struggling mom. 

And of course, for the girls, it’s been a huge blessing in countless (and eternal) ways. They look forward to it each and every week and will miss it terribly throughout the summer. This year, the girls and I only missed twice. Once, due to sickness and the other because we were on vacation.

They told me today that next year, they wanted to shoot for PERFECT attendance.

What a GREAT goal to have!

Praise Jesus for another blessed and fruitful year at CBS!

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